Dalisia Coppersmith, MS, MDiv, MSI-BC

Dalisia Coppersmith is a Board Certified Meditation Specialist, Coach, and Depth Hypnosis Counselor. She founded Revive Learning & Wellness in Ridgecrest, California in 2017 after completing Meditation Teacher Training with Dr. Susan Taylor. Dalisia’s mission is to promote health, wellness and happiness within her community, as well as for her corporate partners seeking resilience training and leadership development. She brings over 25 years’ experience developing leaders and teams for corporate clients and the federal government as an organizational development practitioner and executive coach. In addition to training with the Center for Meditation Science, Dalisia has attended the Institute for Mindful Leadership, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (Google’s mindfulness program), the Army’s Special Operations Cognitive Enhancement Program and UPenn’s Master Resilience Trainer Program. She holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Development and a Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling. These experiences instilled a deep passion for helping others to find a place of calm and mindful living. Dalisia specializes in Focused Awareness Meditation, Depth Hypnosis, presence-based leadership, mindful living, and conflict resolution. Her meditation training sessions combine physical, emotional and spiritual journeys into a more holistic approach to health, happiness and effectiveness. Whether you have been a lifelong meditator or you never sit still until you sleep, Dalisia can help you on your path to calmness and clarity through meditation training and customized resilience programs.

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: California
Certification Year: 2018
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: www.reviveyourlife.us
Phone Number: 760-463-2450

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