Dane McDermott, RN, MSI-BC

Dane McDermott RN is a staff nurse in the Neuroscience Division at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. After entering his first treatment center for drug addiction in 1987 due to hospitalization with Crohn’s Disease, he struggled with active addiction and periods of abstinence for the next 26 years. After 4 rounds of conventional treatment through the years, he realized that no treatment center, physician, person, or “magic pill” was going to save him. The problem lied within, as did the solution. After researching ways to relieve stress and calm his overactive negative thinking, he began practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation and benefitted from other lifestyle changes. The results were astounding. Dane made relapse prevention in recovery and self-healing his passion. His mission is to help others achieve joy in recovery through practical evidenced based steps.

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: Alabama
Certification Year: 2017
Email Address: [email protected]
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