Eileen Hinrichs, R.N., BSN, MSI-BC

Eileen is an R.N.,BSN, and a Board Certified Meditation Specialist. Thirty years of nursing experience, including board certification in intervention cardiology, critical care and psychiatry, provide a world of experience with patients in crisis. Throughout her years, she has always been drawn to providing the anxious patient with comfort and tools to empower them to make changes towards wellness. Through her own personal tragic losses, family crises, and the stress of being a critical care R.N., she found the need to empower herself to transform these situations to learning and growth. Becoming board certified in The Focused Awareness Mediation Program provided the systematic, scientific approach that has fueled her passion and joy of the meditation process. Eileen is a Reiki level II practitioner, in addition to pursuing a board certification as an Integrative Nurse Coach. She is a member of the American Nurses Association,and is active on her institutions Holistic Nurse Council. She provides both private and group meditation in your home or office, as well as wellness and meditation events, in fitness studios, hospital, and corporate settings. Join Eileen for a rewarding pursuit of balance and wellness, as an individual, in the energy of a group, or in your work place, and reap the many benefits of meditation.

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: New York
Certification Year: 2017
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 516-289-5298

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