In the heart of every human being is the desire to live with vitality and purpose, the fundamental requirement for being whole, healthy, and full of life.

About Susan Taylor, PhD.

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Imagine getting up each day with the confidence and understanding to navigate the ups and downs  with calm and focus.  Where you know and trust  yourself to direct your choices and actions without  concern.  Dr Susan Taylor’s mission is to guide people to understand and leverage their mind-body matrix to navigate their health and wellbeing  so that they can live a balanced life with purpose and vitality.  

Taylor is leading a movement to inspire coaches, teachers, and health practitioners, to deconstruct the healing code moving beyond the status quo to bring the change that is needed to build a culture of wellbeing inside first, then outside.

For more than 20 years, nationally and internationally, she has been teaching meditation and its practices as a therapeutic model for health and healing. Taylor developed the widely acclaimed Meditation Specialist Training, which provides a unique skills-building competency platform that leads to certification for leaders in their fields.

Her long career began at Columbia University Medical School of Nutritional Sciences, where her master’s degree work became the basis for a clinical nutrition practice specializing in the nutrient factors that affect psychological function. Through client and workshop sessions, she concentrated on resolving the physical, emotional and psychological issues related to diet.

She later earned a PhD from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, where she conducted research in Nutritional Biochemistry that appeared in The American Journal of Physiology, Analytical Biochemistry and Clinica Chimica Acta.

During the past decade, she established the Center for Meditation Science, which provides programs internationally to health care practitioners, teachers and business professionals.

Dr. Taylor has authored several publications that include: Return to Radiance, The Vital Energy Program, Sexual Radiance, and The Healing Power of Meditation CD series. She also hosts the Susan Taylor podcast.

Her Story

Early on in my career, I traveled to Tibet to explore the Himalayan mountains. Though the journey was arduous, with a Sherpa as my guide, I not only reached the mountain’s summit, I gained spiritual altitude. As I descended I wanted to find a way not only to bring that exhilarating experience home with me, but to be able to maintain the energy, vitality and spiritual perspective I had gained and make them part of my everyday life. What I discovered is that the experience can be brought back into day to day living with the preparation and practice of meditation. My climb to the summit has become a metaphor for a transitional journey to the innermost self. It is a journey which requires a determination, focus, and an understanding of how to restore and rebalance the body, mind and soul to gain access to the vibrant health that is our birthright. Today I serve as a Guide to take seekers to the Summit of their Wellbeing.

Meditation The Key to Our Inward Journey

Though meditation may seem simple it has a profound effect on all levels of our being in gaining access to the unlimited source of our vital energy – the soul. It can help us to balance our emotions and change the way we think about and understand our lives. When focused properly, through meditation, the mind has the power to completely regulate and maintain good vibrant health. A systematic program in meditation gives the tools necessary to create strength, vitality and focus in our everyday life.

Our Inner State of Affairs-Our Loss of Vitality

One of the main principles of our modern culture is that faster is better. From mail to media, communications to consumables, everything is accelerated. The effects of living at breakneck speed are beginning to take their toll. Stress and over-stimulation are common symptoms; mental unsteadiness such as anxiety, depression and ADHD have increased dramatically over recent years. Meanwhile modern medicine is failing to keep its promise of good health and a sense of wellbeing. Every day pharmaceutical companies churn out more drugs and doctors write more prescriptions. Meanwhile we are confined within the restrictive boundaries of reductionism as our approach to wellbeing. Because this model cannot encompass the vibratory energy and the effects that this has on our being, our physical-psychological energy matrix is unbalanced, afflicted with blockages and inertia. What can we do to change this, to protect ourselves from the ravages of hyperculture, to reconnect with the inner core of our being? We must take charge of our health and doing so requires a shift in our perspective on our lives and our understanding of ourselves. This brings each of us to the foot of a mountain. Though the path is steep it is not insurmountable but we must prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Life is a complex interrelationship of forces and that to understand it we have to look at the whole picture- the anatomy of our being. As the Sherpa Guided me to the preparation, journey to the summit and ultimately the return, we too must apply that principle if we are to climb to the summit of our wellbeing.

In preparation for our climb to our inner self, we must first understand our mind/body matrix and then leverage that to reach the summit of wellbeing. Our wellbeing is a dynamic state that includes physical, mental and spiritual interconnections.

The courses, master classes and live events that I teach are a combination of lifestyle techniques, breathing practices, and meditation. I present an understanding of the mind field, what nourishes it, and the tools needed to gain access to its potential brilliance.

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