In the heart of every human being is the
desire to live with vitality and purpose,
the fundamental requirement for being
whole, healthy and full of life.

About is a for benefit community imparting knowledge and sustainable solutions for self-empowerment, to a community of seekers to step out and be a healing force for positive change.

There is an urgent cultural problem where we have lost our vitality and ability to trust ourselves, our communities and our planet. Everything that we do is with the intention of serving the planet for the children and children to come.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower seekers to unite with the healing force for positive change through authentic knowledge and practices from the ancient masters.

Healing Force for Positive Change

In the heart of every human being is the desire to live with vitality and purpose, the fundamental requirement for being whole, healthy and full of life. Today, we are facing a planetary imbalance, a healing crisis where vitality and purpose are met with anxiety, distrust and devitalization. We have lost some perspective on the organization of nature and its healing force because of our externally driven ways.

To heal literally means to make whole, be balanced and is derived from the same root as to be holy. The healing force is present within us and around us and therefore we are alive.

Dynamics of the healing force can be understood when we know who we are, and what makes our vital energy flow. It is on this basis that the Yoga of Mind Medicine and Healing can be understood. Yoga Science gives us the science and practices to work with the mind offering the prescription to reclaim our health and vitality and ultimately access the healing force.

It is not just a matter of knowing your life’s path for happiness, but it’s a matter of walking the path to reach your destination.
~ Susan Taylor, PhD

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Yoga of Mind, Medicine, and Healing

We train our awareness to recognize the healing force, our ability to focus it and the energy to direct it for self transformation through our habits of living. Our mindfulness and meditation training programs offer the opportunity to learn and apply simple habits to train our awareness to focus the energy of the mind.  The energy of the mind is the essence of life.
We attend to our diet, nutrition and lifestyle to nourish the healing force to support our health and vitality.  The very essence of our life depends on food and food is certainly everything. It is the basis of our existence, since that which we feed our selves ultimately becomes our consciousness. We teach how to use the food, nutrients, herbs and the core elements that nature provides to support a healthy gut microbiome and vital mind.
We support the planet by respecting its powerful dynamic healing force that is available to us when we nurture her through green and sustainable living.  Our philosophy is if we nurture nature she will indeed nurture us.  Now is the opportunity for each of us to take action individually and within our community for this transformation to take place.

About Susan Taylor, PhD

A trained scientist and practitioner, Taylor has based her career on understanding the link between psychological function and physical reality, and how the mind-body matrix plays a role in our personal and community  health and healing potential. Her area of expertise lies in understanding the essential functions of the mind and through proper training can serve as a tool for someone to discover and go beyond their current health status  quo.  Her trainings have been utilized by those experiencing  emotional and physical stress resulting in  physical and emotional  issues such as: Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Confidence, Distraction and Fatigue.  Taylor integrates  Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Focused Awareness Meditation so her students and clients can experience the positive force that leads to change. She has achieved national and international recognition for her teaching of practical ways to integrate the best of Western Medicine with natural healing traditions.

For more than 40 years, she has been teaching the integration of nutrition and meditation science as a wellness model for the mind, medicine and healing.

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