Meditation Teacher Training
Certification Program

The Nationally Acclaimed Meditation Specialist

Program for Teaching Evidence-based Practices

Dear Aspiring Teacher,

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the opening of enrollment of our nationally acclaimed meditation teacher training certification for a limited number of participants that are interested in learning meditation and its practices.

We have specially created a high quality certification program that has wide application and maintains both evidence-based science and traditional practices. Participants will learn and deepen their own meditation practices and train and prepare to skillfully teach and serve others.

This nationally acclaimed certification program through the the Center for Meditation Science has been taught to thousands of health care providers over the last decade. It is the result of the greater need in our world for more qualified skilled meditation teachers and the growing popularity of mindfulness and meditation. We are now opening invitations to all those interested in learning the art and science of meditation with or without having a health care license.

Science Meets Practice

While many practitioners may offer meditation, very few create programs that are firmly grounded in science and practice. Susan’s comprehensive nationally acclaimed focused awareness meditation teacher training, delivers evidence-based practices for a complete meditation training.

You can take the training and apply the practices for personal use, and if you are inspired to do so, take your practice to the next level and complete your certification.

Uplift your energy because the energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~ Susan Taylor, PhD.


By joining the teacher training program to become a certified meditation teacher, you will:

  • Experience the fundamental steps in the foundation course for a complete meditation practice combining mindfulness and concentration to be able to teach.
  • Explain how the science coupled with the practices serves to build a solid foundation for a sustainable meditation practice.
  • Receive professional mentoring (individual and group) offered throughout the training by the founder and her staff of board certified meditation specialists.
  • Use the application of focused awareness meditation to build personal and professional relationships, relapse recovery programs, mental health programs and community contribution.
  • Have a powerful way to deepen your personal practice and integrate complementary therapies to your teaching.

Successful Outcome

This has been an extraordinary training and experience with over 15 years of success. By doing your own meditation work you are able to serve others and ultimately shift the consciousness of humanity in the direction of freedom and fulfillment. This program is secular and open and welcoming to people of all levels of experience, religious, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, as well as sexual orientations and gender identities.

Upon successful completion of the entire program you will be Board Certified as a Meditation Specialist. Because of the high standards of this program we will be offering Continuing Education hours.

I am here to give you the most complete possible delivery and therefore, I have designed the course to be self-paced with live online meetings and the option to study privately with me. We have found that the ultimate transference of learning takes place with human contact and we found that students who did not have contact with the founder and others in the community, did not thrive when finished.

I look forward to seeing you in the certification program.

In service,

Susan Taylor, PhD.

Your Teacher: Susan Taylor, PhD.

Susan Taylor was fortunate early on in life to have been trained in a tradition rooted in self-knowledge and self-discovery. After decades of western study, including the rigorous discipline to earn a masters and PhD in science she decided to continue with her early studies and traveled throughout India and Tibet while continuing to write and teach over the next three decades. As a trained scientist and meditation practitioner, her focus continues to be on the vital connection between mind, medicine and healing – bridging the gap between evidence-based science and the healing practices of the Himalayan masters. This healing methodology defines her personal journey, “Where Science Meets Practice” and serves as the foundation for Focused Awareness Meditation.

How is the program organized?

This comprehensive program consists of 3 steps that are designed to be self-paced. The Foundation Course is where you start to learn the science behind the practice. This is followed by the Teaching Method Course to give the practices that support the science. The final course is for you to work with Susan directly and prepare for Board Certification.

The first step to Get Board Certified as a Meditation Specialist™ is to take the Foundation Course, during this program, you will learn the foundation tools of evidence-based meditation and the keys to starting a meditation practice. The Foundation Course serves to teach the complete practice of meditation in addition to the science that supports the process. In addition, participants will learn the history of meditation, the difference between “popular” versus “traditional” practices and be able to gain a clear understanding of why learning and practicing a 5000 year old traditional practice will serve to uplift your skill level beyond the status quo.

Highlights Include:

  • The Healing Power of Meditation
  • The 5 Qualities Needed for Building a Better Meditation Practice
  • Creating A Vital Mind
  • Meditation in Health Care for Participants Interested
  • Videos Demonstrating the 5 Step Sequence
  • Introduction to Pranayama Practice to Enhance Meditation
  • Preparatory Steps for Stability and Comfort in Meditation
  • How to Overcome Obstacles that Get in the Way

The goal of the Focused Awareness Meditation Foundation Course is to provide participants with the skill set and tools for a complete meditation practice: mindfulness with the essential component of concentration. Each video session will provide participants with the science behind each practice in order to empower knowledge and sustainability.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Define the 5 systematic steps to Focused Awareness Meditation.
  • Recognize what meditation is and what it is not.
  • Discuss anatomy of proper alignment and its application for meditation.
  • Discuss the science of breath and its practical application to meditation.
  • Recognize the role of systematic relaxation in evidence-based meditation.
  • Describe a practical approach to starting a meditation practice.
  • Review the scientific basis of the 5 core essentials of meditation.
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between meditation practices.
  • Discuss bringing meditation into the public and private sector.
  • Describe what is needed to teach focused awareness meditation.

The Meditation Teaching Method Online Course has been designed to meet specific teaching needs for those wanting to become board certified in Focused Awareness Meditation. This course prepares the participant to go out and teach the Focused Awareness Meditation Sequence with a clearly defined and organized system in place. At this level, students are given templates to set up their teaching platform to go out and teach. This step has been added to promote success for the students who want to take their skills out into the world. Learn the 4 session sequence for focused awareness meditation through mindfulness and concentration, and the keys to starting a business.

  • Recognize the goals and objectives of each session.
  • Obtain strategies to take charge of your teaching and establishing your business.
  • Obtain class outlines to teach the Focused Awareness Meditation brand.
  • Network with your peers and form your own study group within the online classroom.

This is the meditation teaching methodology course of Dr. Susan Taylor’s acclaimed Meditation Specialist™ Training Program. Students are immersed in the powerful learning, restorative and health building techniques unique to the authentic practice of meditation. You will have opportunities to explore questions and impressions arising out of your experience —and, if so inspired, to discuss the steps to becoming a board certified meditation teacher.

Board certification is step 3 and requires you to submit your application for review. After your application is processed and accepted, an online meeting will be scheduled to review your submitted video and get personal coaching for your teaching. When you are ready you will have your final qualification interview. This step allows all the participants to show their skill set and get personal coaching from Susan Taylor. This step is what keeps the meditation specialists an elite group of qualified professionals. Participants come away with the confidence and polished knowledge base that is needed to rise above the status quo as a teacher.

If accepted, then you will be added to a directory of esteemed meditation specialists. If not, you are given all the resources to bring your teaching to the level required. It is required that you have completed the foundation course, the teaching method course and have 150 practice hours or 3 months of experience.

NOTE: The qualification interview with Dr. Susan Taylor is a private online meeting designed to review your knowledge and teaching skills. It is designed to serve as a tutorial to help the participant to refine their teaching skill. The demonstrations are based on the core competencies that were taught in the program. She will work with you until you are ready to submit a final display of your teaching. Additional sessions will be available to you for an additional fee.

This last portion of the training includes:

  • A Review Webinar to prepare you for the Qualification Interview,
  • Qualification Interview to work with Dr. Susan,
  • Application fees and directory listing fees for a 2 year period,
  • And, an application assessment to become board certified.

This board certification is step 3 and the final step in the Meditation Teacher Training Program.

The fee for Meditation Specialist Level I Board Certification (MSI-BC) is $200.

MSI-BC is the credential for Meditation Specialist Level 1 Board Certification. Your membership includes quarterly conference calls and your name and business profile published in the Meditation Specialist Professional Directory that connects to social media and the web for a two year period.

Maintaining the Meditation Specialist Credential

To maintain the credential, meditation specialists must renew their membership every 2 years.

Renewal criteria can be found on the Meditation Specialist Renewal Information

How it Works

This comprehensive program consists of 3 steps that are designed to be self-paced. The Foundation Course is where you start to learn the science behind the practice. This is followed by the Teaching Method Course to give the practices that support the science. The final course is for you to work with Susan directly and prepare for Board Certification.

The first step is to get in touch with me. It is important that you have access to who is the creator, developer and facilitator of any program that you are researching. Use the form at the bottom of each page, the Contact page so that I can better serve you. You will then receive an email with specifics and times that we can talk.

I take this time to really listen to you and what would be best for you. We’ll discuss the focused awareness program, your goals and aspirations and whether this program is for you and if you want to make the investment to study with me.

After our initial session, you decide whether you want to continue with getting started in our training. If you decide to move forward, you will register and we will have another session and we will get you started with more detail.

This course provides you with 4 private sessions with me during your online training.

Session 1 is scheduled after you complete the Foundation Course.

Session 2 is scheduled after you learn the Teaching Method course.

Session 3 is scheduled after you review getting certified and before or during your teaching experience.

Session 4 is scheduled before you submit your teaching materials.

Depending on your specific goals, you may choose additional program customization to better serve you. This may include diet and nutrition plans, special clinics to practice additional stress reduction techniques and supplemental practices. These are available to my students at a discounted cost.

“Meditation introduces you to your Self and your life in order to rewrite your life’s story.”

~ Susan Taylor, PhD.

Blended Learning

Following the ancient traditions, knowledge is passed down from teacher to student via the oral tradition. Our authentic training does not cut this process from the core training, and therefore provide you with an opportunity to train with the founder of the program in an environment that is conducive to receiving the higher teachings of the ancient masters.

During the self paced program you will engage in:

  • Didactic Teaching Method
  • Guided Meditations
  • Online community for Discussions
  • Online Course for Self-Paced learning
  • Conference Calls
  • Mentorship Program
  • Practice Sessions
  • Live sessions with Dr. Susan Taylor

Why Become a Certified Focused Awareness Meditation Teacher?

Teaching is the most Powerful Gateway to Mastery. We can only teach and transmit what we have learned and practiced. Through this we become not only know the path but we walk the path.

Serve humanity and support healing. Humans are only happy when they are able to give and serve others. Through teaching others we free ourselves from the obstacles that keep us from freedom and fulfillment.

Do what you Love. The demand for qualified meditation teachers is increasing making it a way to align teachers with their deepest values. Our graduates find work with the general public, children’s programs, hospitals, prisons, mental health and addiction counseling.

Become a Board Certified Meditation Teacher
As a board certified Meditation Specialist, you will be able to set up, market, and teach classes in a manner and frequency that works with your schedule (subject to a few basic guidelines).

Receive Ongoing Support
The Focused Awareness Meditation Teaching Certification will provide ongoing training, marketing support, and business development. You will also receive guidance through teaching materials, webinars and access to our international Meditation Specialist Teacher Directory.

Be part of a Global Network
Upon successful completion of the program, you will be qualified to apply for the board certification (visit: to teach Focused Awareness Meditation as a Meditation Specialist anywhere in the world. You will become part of our worldwide directory of educators and receive ongoing support.

What will I learn?

  • Evidence-based scientific research to support meditation
  • Advanced study of posture (proper alignment, benefits and potential risks)
  • Principles of anatomy
  • Breathwork and Brain Enhancement
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Informed use of props to improve or modify a meditation posture
  • Systematic relaxation techniques
  • Confidence-building through Knowledge, skills and practice teaching
  • The Essential Business Skills of Meditation to bring it out into the world.

What Makes Our Meditation Teacher Training Unique?

Lineage & Experience
We’ve refined our comprehensive curriculum utilizing a systematic sequence for over 20 years.

Intelligent Systematic Approach
Learn the art and science of health and wellness through meditation to build a self-sustaining meditation experience.

Learn to truly practice what you teach
Our program isn’t about memorizing and reciting sequences. Instead an emphasis is placed on developing your own personal practice and teaching the principles learned from your meditation experience.

Deep Immersion and a Powerful Learning Process
This instructor certification program is an intensive immersion into the ancient teachings of meditation integrated with cutting-edge science as delivered by Dr. Susan Taylor herself. Your personal practice continues to deepen with community connection through webinars, teleconferences, retreats and a powerful process that you can complete anywhere in the world.

Profound Knowledge Balanced with Practical Skill Building
During the Focused Awareness Meditation teacher training certification program, each participant will learn the evidence-based science of meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, personal instruction procedures, practical aspects of meditation, and methods of facilitating group meditations. The live online meeting with Dr Taylor, will provide nurturing practice and instruction in public speaking while teaching you skills to truly integrate this timeless body of knowledge.

Mentorship Program

Portrait of Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor will serve as the lead mentor but will offer the opportunity of the senior staff members who hold licenses in health care to serve as teachers and coaches for participants who inquire. During the course entirety you will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Susan Taylor and won’t be handed off to another person. Select graduates will have the opportunity to join the teaching staff.

Additional mentorship training is available to participants at their request.

Professional Certificate of Completion

Receive a Certificate of Completion from the Center for Meditation Science

All participants who finish The Meditation Specialist Teacher Certification Training will receive a certificate of completion from from the Center for Meditation Science and be able to continue and apply for Board Certification.

Susan Taylor, Ph.D. created the The Meditation Specialist Teacher Training Program in collaboration The Center for Meditation Science, which studies the science and practice of meditation and nutrition science, and teaches essential skills that foster a vital, resilient, and peaceful society.

The program is built on fundamental principles of mindfulness and concentration, synthesizing scientifically proven methods with more than 4 decades of Susan Taylor’s own training and practices.

In addition to the certificate of completion you will have the opportunity to continue your learning and become board certified.

Meditation Teacher Training
Certification Program

If you’re interested in taking your meditation practice to the next level, I’d love for you to join my program. Join me and many others to help bring meditation to the world to so many who need it.

Take the next step on your journey to do what you love while giving back and helping others. You can get started today by adding the course to your cart and checking out. You’ll immediately receive all the information you need to get started on your meditation journey including instructions on how to access the online course, community discussions, private facebook group, and so much more.

Susan Taylor, PhD.

Meditation Teacher Training

Join us today and become part of the Healing Force for Positive Change.

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