Hi, I’m Susan Taylor. 

I am a teacher, author, and a former mountain guide.

I guide people on an inward journey for physical and emotional wellbeing using tools that elevate their mindset, so that they are ready to move through any challenge with energy, focus, and resilience.

Do you feel your wellbeing is in decline?

You are not alone.   Wellbeing is something sought by just about everyone, because it means that we are healthy, happy and prosperous.  Emerging from your thoughts, actions, and experiences, wellbeing includes — feeling happy, healthy, connected, protected, and purposeful.  It’s of no surprise that wellbeing is in decline. And increasing your wellbeing can be tough without knowing what to do and how to do it.

Tools & Teachings

Empower yourself and grow your wellbeing with teachings and tools on how to leverage your most powerful asset, your mind, to create psychological and physical wellbeing.

Explore the podcast, courses, and connect with our community below.  

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The Susan Taylor Podcast

The Susan Taylor, PhD podcasts and videos present the latest news and trends in integrative health and keep you up to date on emerging research, science, and practices facing the challenges of today.

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Online Courses and Live Classes

Robust courses and programs providing advanced skills (essential tools) you need to build your foundation knowledge and growth mindset for you and your clients/patients while transforming the health and happiness of people around the world.

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Corporate Training, Professional Education and
Free Tools for Wellbeing

Corporate Training

For Organizations & Businesses and their workforce.

Focused programs offering cutting-edge research and practical tools that give employees the tools they need to build up their resilience, creating a more stable workforce. The practical strategies we teach for these unprecedented times are evidence-based and deliver results.

Professional Education

For health care professionals, coaches, therapists, and educators.

Boost your knowledge base and stand out as a Leader by continuing to expand your knowledge base in specialty areas of mental & emotional wellbeing. From advanced food as medicine to cutting edge brain health research – you’ll enhance your knowledge, make a bigger impact, stand out in a field that’s essential to support a culture of wellness.

Free Tools for Wellbeing

For those interested in improving their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health.

Free audio meditations and video discussions to nourish wellbeing and enhance your sense of purpose, balance, intention, and stability.

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

Where Science Meets Practice

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