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Susan Taylor’s Professional Education provides robust online education and advanced skills needed to build a foundation of knowledge and growth mindset for you and your organization while transforming the health and happiness of people around the world. Whether you’re a Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Health Care Provider, or Manager, looking to expand your reach and take your practice to the next level, or you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, our courses, masterclasses and trainings teach the science and its practical applications to a variety of important topics in health and wellbeing which will benefit you as well as those with which you work.

Advanced Wellness Courses, Masterclasses & Certification Training

All the tools for medical professionals, coaches, and educators need to build and expand their knowledge base. Courses, Masterclasses and Training are designed and implemented by Susan Taylor, PhD. delivered in lecture and experiential formats that focus on practical solutions with evidence-based results.

Premium Online Courses

Robust courses provide advanced skills (essential tools) you need to build your foundation knowledge and growth mindset for you and your clients/patients while transforming the health and happiness of people around the world.

Innovative Masterclasses

3-hour classes provide evidence-based research with practical implications for personal and professional wellbeing. Content is an extension of the Pathways to Wellbeing and the Susan Taylor podcast where host Doctor Taylor deconstructs the healing code to gain a new perspective on health and wellbeing. Sign up to be notified to be invited when Masterclasses become available.

Certification Training

High quality certification program that has wide application and maintains both evidence-based science and traditional practices. Participants will learn and deepen their own meditation practices and train and prepare to skillfully teach and serve others.

Private Sessions

Opportunity to work with dr taylor as she addresses stress-related issues by showing the connections on energetic, emotional and physical levels. Susan works with clients to guide them through physical and emotional disruptions to help them gain clarity, achieve goals with their personal life and professional/work challenges.

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