5 Steps to Restore Vitality

Did you ever wonder why it is so difficult to feel totally refreshed and vital?  In order to be vital we need to follow a specific pattern and sustain it for a period of time.  Over the past 4 decades I have worked with many people to help them feel good and vital.  

I have identified five steps to restoring the vitality and focus needed to have the energy in order to fulfill life’s purpose. These practices promote healing, well-being and feeling good for me and others on a daily basis.  

Step 1: Remain CALM (Consciously Aware of Living in the Moment)

Awareness is the key to healing. It allows us to gain access to the inner core of our being. It helps us untie the knots that bind our heart and keep us in a disheartened state. By bringing mindfulness into focus, we gain access to the light that dwells deep within – pure awareness. All of this can happen only when we truly remain calm.

Here I am defining calm as being in that state of awareness, and in that state, we become the witness   the one who is the observer, not the object of observation nor the process of observation itself. Pure awareness implies the observer is the one who is doing the breathing, thinking, listening   not to be mistaken for the object (in this case, the body or brain) nor the process (carried out by the mind).

If I ask you to focus on your inhale and exhale and then  tell me how far does your breath travel in your body before you begin to exhale would you be aware of this?  Breath is the key to training awareness, since it is what brings us into this world and what takes us out.  Our inspiration and expiration are the key to all healing. If you have conscious awareness and control of these two mechanisms, you have mastered health and healing.

Step 2: Use Your Body as Feedback

Who are we?  It has been said that we are not the body and not the mind, then who are we?  Are we the mother, father, teacher, salesperson or are we something beyond all that.  We label ourselves throughout life.   By using our body as feedback while practicing awareness, we begin to discover who we are and are able to identify where we are without pretending to be somewhere else. We learn to see how our identities leak energy and allure us from our own true nature. With only this level of mindfulness, our inner knowledge will come forward and help us develop a strategy to heal. This requires intention and focus to want to heal, and the willingness to acknowledge that no one is going to do it for us. There is no magic bullet, and there is no hurry.

Step 3: Create Space

Disease comes from blocked energy pathways.  To be vital and focused we must let go of that which takes up space in our mind and clogs our energy channels. What is causing us to be unhappy, depressed and anxious? If we don’t know, we just need to ask the question to see what comes of it. The answer lies within our own being. We can incorporate special practices that help us to let go or detox. When we detox, or cleanse our mind-body matrix, we create space for new energy to flow, new opportunities and new awareness. So the key to Step 3 is to detox, create space and, simply put, let go of what is causing our problem.  Detox diets have flooded the market with little knowledge on what is being detoxed and even less knowledge on the other side of the equation…namely nourishment.  So let’s turn to nourishment.  

Step 4: Nourish to Raise Our Vibration

When we nourish with live clean and well prepared food and herbs we raise our vibration.

So what is nourishment. To nourish we must take into account the quality and quantity of nutrients that the specific organism needs.

“Life is about pulsation and our health is defined by our vibratory quality.  Something dead does not have a vibration…life is vibration”

For a detox program to be successful we must at the same time we’re detoxing, nourish our organism. That means to supply the medicine – those nutrients to support our organism. Many people detox but ignore the concept of nourishment. We can feed on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels by optimizing our physical, mental and spiritual digestive capacity.  Very few acknowledge nourishment beyond macro and micronutrients.  

Step 5: Know Your Life's Purpose… so you can do for others

One of the biggest stressors is not knowing your life’s purpose.  We have all come with a purpose and many times we lose scope.  This comes when we feel good. We do this by creating habits that rejuvenate our entire being to support our intention. This is the place where we sustain what we have accomplished by incorporating the lifestyle habits that support our belief system. At this stage, we must maintain practices that will sustain a focused and calm mind. This New Medicine includes forming and nurturing healthy relationships, eating healthy foods, cultivating positive thoughts and feelings, and doing for others. When we do for others, we not only serve another human being, but we actually serve our higher self and feed good vibrations to our environment.  One of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves, is to do for others.  No one has ever felt bad when they reach out and serve any  living being.  

If we follow the 5 steps – Remain Calm, Use Our Body as Feedback, Create Space, Raise our Vibration and Live with purpose; we create an extraordinary balanced life.

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