Are You Established in Being?

When we are resilient we are established in being.   What does this mean to you? When you become established in being—that is to be aware of who you are, you know your life’s purpose and have the inner skills to activate your own positive forces  you can use this force to take action and turn yourself around upstream before ending up at the top of the  waterfall ready for the crisis.

The most extreme measure of not being established in who you are, is the act of taking one’s own life.  Many of you have written in to ask me to discuss this topic so I thought to talk about it from a yogic perspective in our Podcast.  

All humans at one time or another have experienced trauma, pain, or loneliness trying to make sense of life. We struggle to figure out  how the world works, and some do indeed take the time to observe and understand it. But most people with a busy mind knows that trying to step back and understand the workings of the world is just not happening.  We tend to just believe things that we see and hear, and view the world according to our perceptions. Depending on our perceptions our mental dialogue becomes friend or enemy.

Suicide is an attempt to resolve feelings of being overwhelmed by one’s own image of oneself, or part of oneself. Suicide is an attack on one’s own representation of one’s body as an object. It’s as if the death of the body can help one get rid of intolerable mental states and feelings. Suicide is a cry for help not really the wanting to die. Because no one wants to die.

The world has lost great souls who got caught in the spiral of their clouded perceptions of who they really are.  We all feel the great sadness and loss, making the process of taking one’s life a burden for all involved, which on some level all of humanity.

So where do we go from here.  Training people with principles of yoga science where we can view places where there is no hope, nothing left and even the desire to live as a place for the deepest transformations to occur.  And…that death does not solve the problems in the mind today because we start the next life with where we left off.

Yoga Science relies heavily on awareness practices, because if we come to understand who we are and our purpose for being here, then we can live a life of freedom and fulfillment.  We are able to step out of our small self and step into the light of our own awareness and help brighten up the path for those that may be struggling. If the collective consciousness could be the healing force for positive change, then we can reach out and not convince someone that life is precious; but they will come to the conclusion no their own.

May the souls that have departed rest in peace.

There are skills to slow the leakage of our body’s vitality, get the healing force flowing unimpeded,  and redirect your healing potential. Here are a few steps to get back online.

  • Remain Calm. Do not react.  Studies show that when your body and mind are calm that your body has an increased  capacity to remove any debris that you have collected in the environment. This is especially true for the brain. Your brain detoxes itself when you are calm.
  • Stop and Shift.   Anytime you feel the urge to react, simply stop and catch hold of that moment,  focus on your breathing. You can do this by watching your inhalation and exhalation at the tip of your nose.
  • Focus to Re-boot.  Follow the exhalation and inhalation for at least 3-4 seconds for each.  Maintain this for 3 minutes. Note: The scientific validation for this practice is that when we work with breath we can consciously control the workings of our nervous system.  Whenever our breath is irregular and not smooth, we cause jerks and pauses in our healing force. Over time this causes a decrease in vitality and memory.  The take home message is to train your mind so that it can handle the ups and downs that occur during our life’s journey. And remember the mind and body are one, so eat good food too. 
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