Feeding Your Whole Being

We live in a nation with absolute abundance yet we suffer from diseases of depletion.  

We spend billions of dollars on diet in the US and billions of dollars annually on soft drinks, fitness clubs, diet foods and commercial weight loss programs. Fast food restaurants in America serve 50 million customers per day.  And, according to the American Beverage Association, American consumers average more than 54 gallons of carbonated soft drinks each year.  That makes it three times more popular than bottled water, milk or coffee. McDonald’s sells on average 75 burgers every second.  The average American spends an estimated $1,200 on fast food each year. Children consume an estimated 12 percent of their calories from fast food. 20 percent of all American meals are eaten in the car.

So where are we now?  Are we a vital, healthy participant in a healthy nation?

As a pioneer in the field of what I term,  nutritional energetics, we devitalize our mind, body and spirit from lack of nourishment.  Lack of nourishment from our eating habits as well as athe the quality of food that we choose to feed our body, mind and soul.  As humans we eat anything from fresh foods to synthetic compounds not paying attention to the subtle vibration that these foods and our habits have on our mind as well as our body.  Remember the body and mind are one, so what goes on with one will ripple its effect on the other. Let’s talk a look at some foundation principles with regard to nutrition and the power of food.  But before moving to that, lets see what is meant by nutritional energetics.

Nutritional Energetics: Your Vital Force

Nutritional Energetics is subtle vibration that food has to offer. It goes beyond the physicality of food, namely, calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to look at the effect that food has on the whole human organism.  Although physical constituents can be of importance, they are not as influential on our health as the vibratory quality of what we feed our body and mind. For example, canned beans versus fresh beans when cooked may be comparable in calories, but the  will have a different effect on the mind-body complex. The mind will be clearer and body more energized with fresh cooked beans versus the stagnant old canned beans. Why? Because canned beans lack the life force. Put some beans from a can in a dish with water.  Take another dish and put a dried bean in it with some water. One will sprout, the other putrefy. Try it yourself. The sprouted bean has a life force. The canned bean has lost it. Life force is needed to sustain our own cellular pulsation.

A Look Into Ancient Medical Science

Ayurveda teaches that all life forms resonate vibratory energy. Every molecule in our body is constantly pulsating with life. This is caused by subtle energy. This energy supports all levels of our being – body, mind, soul – and determines our level of vitality.
Subtle energy vibrates at different rates. If we have a high vibratory quality it means that our energy is not necessarily  pulsing quickly but rather that it is self-contained. When this is the case, the flow of energy inwards and outwards is balanced. This allows physical, mental, and spiritual levels to resonate with a healthy level of vitality; we are neither expending too much energy nor taking too much in, and thus are neither fatigued nor over stimulated.
If we have a low rate of vibration, the flow of energy is imbalanced. Too much energy may be flowing outwards, making us feel drained and depressed, or too much energy may be flowing in, leaving us over stimulated.

Fast Forward to Present Day

Many people today  have physical and emotional problems (irritability and fatigue) due to this kind of imbalance. Many diets provide nutrients, but not nourishment.
In our culture of hyper stimulation, we are apt to think of energy as movement and speed, even as “Bullet Proof”. This is not what I mean by vital energy. I’m talking about energy that is balanced and contained within us – rather than flooding in or streaming out. I find it helpful to think of leaks when describing what I mean. A leak in a dam, for example, causes inefficient functioning; the water isn’t contained, and is not taken in or sent out properly. Sealing such a leak restores function. Sealing our own “leaks” restores balance, allowing us to be calm and energetic. Our energy is contained, it circulates in a balanced way throughout the whole system, from head to toe, from mental capacity to walking ability, from crown chakra to root chakra. This balanced flow constantly replenishes us.

In Search for Equilibrium

Keep in mind that we are  composed of a body, mind and spiritual body all pulsating to your own inner vibration.  All three are interconnected from the gross to the most subtle. The breath is what links the body and mind together and serves as a barometer of health and vitality.  Without breath, the life as we know it does not exist. We must keep in mind that our physical and mental diet will influence our breathing patterns via our nervous system.  So food does indeed have a direct impact on our mind and brain. When we feed our whole being, we need to take into account that we are a complex organism with body , mind and senses.  Our body requires that we feed it, clothe it, exercise it and enjoy it’s sensations. With regard to nutrition; here is where most people don’t look any further. Through our total identification with the body and our habits of taste, we become the audience for commercials like eat your fiber for reducing cholesterol, follow a paleo diet, mediterranean diet, vegan and many more.  This list goes on and on. We become accustomed with dietary beliefs and habits and it becomes difficult to change them. All our current diet and nutrition “profits” are geared toward our physical existence. If we recognize that the body is just a sum total of our habits—habits of eating, thinking and being— and that we have the ability to create new ones, we can learn to feed our mind body and senses with the vibration that supports health and vitality.


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