Focus the Energy of the Mind

We are constantly being disturbed and distracted without even knowing what is happening and long before we are aware that we are heading south when we started going north.  

We hear of solutions and quick fixes; but they don’t work.  The reason is because training your mind is not an outer skill set, it is an inner one.

You have a mind and a body and that is what makes us human beings.

Your mind is an instrument;the most powerful and valuable instrument you possess.  

  • It must be understood.
  • It must be nourished.
  • It must be fine-tuned like an instrument.

How do we accomplish all of this?  By learning a technique called focus.  You see the mind’s tendencies are to be distracted and distraction creates disturbance which leads to stupefaction.

When we learn to focus the energy of the mind, we turn all of this around and the mind becomes clear, tranquil and calm.  You may be asking yourself, “so what”?

Imagine . . .

  • Being  able to rise above the status quo and have nothing disturb or distract you?  Where you can accomplish your set intentions without feeling the frustration of not moving forward even though obstacles do arise.  But you know your intention and continue with what you set out to do.
  • Choosing what and how to think, without being dragged around by the happenings of the past or imaginings of future.
  • Choosing how you operate, think and behave, and that you become the writer of your own life’s story.

This is all possible.  But it is only possible if you have the desire to learn, experience and put an effort with practice into focusing your mind’s energy.

Focus the Energy of Your Mind

Making an effort to focus the energy of your mind will lead you to the freedom and fulfillment that life has to offer.  All you need to do is train your mind. You can do this moment to moment.

I believe that the energy of the mind is the essence of life and when we direct the energy of our mind through training that we can accomplish what we dream to do.  Keep in mind that each and every one of us has a vital intelligence unique to each one. This vital intelligence can be accessed through a focused and aware mind.   

Therefore our mind needs to be understood,  nourished, and fine-tuned …like one of the finest violins in the world – a stradivarius.  For the stradivarius to resonate its brilliant sound it must be fine tuned daily. The mind is the same fine instrument. It must be tuned daily with focus in order to fulfill our purpose.  How many of us know our purpose in life? Purpose will come when you start working with your mind through diet, mindfulness and meditation. The more aware we become (lights on) the more we can see and recognize how what we think and do creates our life.

As I mentioned, the mind must be tuned like a fine instrument.  Why? Because when we leave it to it’s own doing, it creates distraction disturbance and stupefaction.  Ultimately misery.

Tools to Get Started

The trainings that we provide:  resilience training, leadership in focus, the focused awareness master class and meditation teacher training provide the tools that can be used to teach the mind to resonate with the clarity and intention that is needed to live a life of fulfillment and ultimately freedom.

Whether you apply it to your day to day activities such as eating, sleeping, exercising, working or apply it to meditation, the focused awareness training will support a vital and high quality mind — a mind not affected by outside turbulence creating inner unrest

When we focus the energy of our mind, we create a vital mind.  And a vital mind is essential to live a life of fulfillment and freedom.  That is what focused awareness —focusing the energy of our mind is all about.

“Focus The energy of the mind because the energy of your mind is the essence of life”

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