Ignite Your Healing Force

Ignite Your Healing

Is your healing force going south when you are intending to be heading North? Do you have a bout of distraction leading your healing force astray?

Disease means “dis” “ease”.   We have fallen out of ease in relation to ourselves and our environment.  The human organism works moment to moment continually adjusting its energy flow to bring us back into a state of balance.  

Symptoms Are Signs of Imbalance

You wake up one day and realize you don’t feel well. Perhaps you find yourself feeling uncomfortably full with somewhat stomach discomfort. You think, maybe it was last nights late dinner or maybe a “bug” is going around the office.  You slough it off, have a bite to eat on the run and go to work.

Things don’t progress but you are a bit cautious at lunch and then by the end of the day, you seem ok, and decide to go out with some friends to a late dinner.  And repeat the same scenario the next morning.  

Sound familiar?  In all situations relating to disease states, a warning is sent via discomfort.  The question is do you ignore it or address it.  Your body is shows symptoms when the healing force is out of balance.  It signals us that it has somehow fallen out of balance. Yet the actual “fall” hasn’t really happened yet.  The actual crash happens over a period of time creating a crisis – to look at “what is” twice.  Before a crash, there are signals  that you don’t know how to interpret or simply ignore. From the healing force point of view, identifying and acting on those signals is a crucial step to remaining well.

Most Health Issues Begin at the Level of Energy

Most people don’t realize that many health issues begin at the level of energy, Chi, Qi or Prana whatever term you would like to use.  What does this mean? Before an issue reaches the physical body with visible symptoms (like indigestion or lower back pain), there has to be a disturbance or imbalance somewhere in that person’s energy body. Western medicine now states that breast cancer, for example, is present in the body for some eight years before it is physically detectable.Breast cancer cells start spreading to other parts of the body long before a tumor is even detected, groundbreaking new research suggests.

The finding radically alters the view that cancer cells spread only at late stages of cancer.

Researchers found that even before cancer is diagnosed, breakaway cancer cells head off to infiltrate other bodily organs leading one to inquire why can’t it be detected.  Our current medical technology is not quite sophisticated enough to detect changes in changes in the flow of the healing force. In other words, when some pathway gets detoured from an energy blockage, in many cases it takes time for the cellular deformity to occur .  All disease exists first at the point of the invisible energy pathway.  Hence why master practitioners and healers have been successful in restoring health function through acupuncture and marma therapy.    These therapies work on the subtle energy fields which constitute the healing force.

Root Up the Cause and Allow Healing to Happen

Every health issue has a root cause and it is the root cause that needs to be identified and rooted up.  If you are going to get rid of the weed in the garden, you must take the entire root and replenish the soil.  The same holds true for treating disease.

And there is a path—an energy time line—the issue follows before it becomes visible and impossible to ignore, and it can move something like this:


Your healing force is in balance and harmony. You feel well, which is to say you are not aware of any discomfort.


Your healing force gets disrupted due to a habit that does not support your health.   You might start to feel vague discomfort and intermittent symptoms. Let’s say you are the person who has woken up with the digestive disturbance as described above. You might have experienced a metallic taste  in your mouth or nausea  in the months prior to that morning. Perhaps you’ve tried to deal with the problem by self-medicating, hoping it will go away or simply ignored it.


Your internal organs start to show signs of energetic dysfunction and problems communicating with other organs. Your symptoms become more prominent and uncomfortable. At this point on the timeline, nothing would show on standard Western tests because these tests can’t detect anything present on the level of energy, or what is known as a function disorder. A function disorder is on the energetic level.


The issue has become a physical problem. If you are the person with the digestive issue, you finally call your doctor and he or she sends you for tests. It is then determined you have a issue with your  colon. You now have a physical health issue.

Reference:  Feeling Good Matters: The Yoga of Mind, Medicine and Healing.

Is There a Purpose to Health Issues?

Think about this statement, Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always for a good purpose. When we find ourselves in the midst of a healing crisis, we can actually look at an issue twice, as I say, look at what is twice.  We then choose to see it as a path towards our own healing and transformation  rather than an inconvenience or an obstacle in our way.

Your body-mind-spirit has an innate wisdom, and if you are not living your life in a way that reflects your life’s mission or spiritual purpose, that wisdom can kick in and produce symptoms to get your attention, to initiate change and greater wellness. In other words, your frustrations, or unresolved life issues will eventually manifest on the physical body to help you make changes in your life.  This is the amazing benefit of understanding and learning to master the healing force.  

Ignite Your Healing

You don’t need someone outside of yourself to activate the healing force, no magician is needed.

A simple daily practice to restore the flow of your pathways comes from something that requires a commitment and practice for several  minutes per day.  Keep in mind that if you practice you want to feel better balance and overall well being. If you do not, then this is not appropriate for you. Follow your intuition.

This exercise requires some flexibility and should not cause any discomfort or pain.  Use a certified yoga therapy teacher if you would like assistance.  

  1. Find a door.  
  2. Place a bench perpendicular to the left side.  
  3. Sit on the bench with your left leg up the wall (knee bent if needed)  and your right leg down with foot flat on the floor.  If you cannot get your foot flat on the floor, use something placed underneath.
  4. Place your arms over your head.
  5. Hold for 2- 3 minutes for beginners and up to 10 minutes for advanced practitioners.

Switch sides.  This will require that you move the bench to the right side of the door opening.  

This position is challenging for people who are not flexible so modifications are needed.

When done skillfully, you open the meridians on the inside of the legs, back of legs and the arms and hands.  

This practice can be found on Inverness Conference Scotland


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