Is Your Life A Tightrope Walk?

A woman’s life is an absolute tightrope walk. 

The demands that society has placed upon her take a toll on not only herself, but on her family and society as a whole. Her ability to endure while raising a family and working endlessly is a telltale sign of her strength and stamina. But over time there is a decline in her energy pool due to continual changes and challenges occurring throughout  life. Nature has provided women with the innate wisdom to override such phenomena, we must learn to use it.  This process starts with “training your mind”.  Why? Because the energy of the mind is the essence of life.  Currently we are experiencing a crisis that is sending negative impulses throughout the world.  This must be rectified if we are going to feed and nourish our children so that they can experience a better world.  Learning the techniques to free our mind to uplift the energy of the mind is the intent.  Because the energy of the mind is the essence of life.

Woman can change the world. No one can argue.  This is our mission at this very moment.  As individuals and as a community of women our collective energy must drive compassion driven wisdom to the forefront. Let’s do this together.

Stop walking a tightrope

We can stop walking the tightrope one step at a time. Meditation and Nutrition are becoming really popular in today’s culture but it is not a solution to a chaotic lifestyle.  So we must address our chaotic lifestyle first then add our life into a meditative state.  Here is how.  First,  we must recognize our chaotic lifestyle and second, we must restore ourselves back to balance so that we can  be the positive force to create a world where everyone thrives.  We address the first by remaining calm and the second by practice.

1.  Remain Calm. Consciously Aware Living in the Moment.

Awareness gives us the opportunity to recognize the problem and get to the root.  What is awareness? Awareness is perception-perception of our thought, word, deed and action. Perception of how and what we feed our body mind and soul.    Think of it as a ball of light that can illuminate anything. That is within each and every one of us.  We don’t see it because it is covered with our mental afflictions-the thoughts of the mind, feelings of doubt, fear, anger, jealousy and just about anything that takes brings our focus outside.  Just think of the mind here as an energy field of thought.  Thoughts are what make up mind. These thoughts generated from feelings are endless, so they are constantly a part of this vast space called mind.  You cannot stop thoughts for that matter; but you can choose where to place your awareness. This is the goal.   Your choice will dictate the crystallization of your body because the body is a representation of what goes on in the mind.    it is with this concept that the energy of the mind is the essence of life that sets the stage for training the mind.

2.  Practice.  Restore the Mind’s Natural Illumination.

We need to restore our life and this comes through practice.  Restoring our life requires that we are vigilant with how and where we place our awareness. We practice focusing on what we want – the positive – and don’t leak our energy through the negative.

The steps to a daily restorative practice that will serve to restore our life back to balance are as follows:

    1. The seat – this sets the foundation for your mind to go inward. It creates the inner environment  A firm and steady seat creates a firm and steady mind
    2. The breath. Breath is the link between the body and mind.  I mentioned energy of the mind is the essence of life…the energy of the mind is maintained with breath. Our habit of breathing determines the health of our mind.  And Mind follows breath.
    3. Relaxation serves as the door to meditation since the mind, body and emotions must be relaxed before entering a focused state
    4. Breath awareness is utilized to deepen relaxation and bring the mind further inward toward the light of our awareness
    5. Focus intensifies the light of awareness to take you beyond your wildest dreams. The more we perfect our focused awareness,  the more free our mind becomes.

In order to sustain this practice you will need to create a daily habit.  know why you’re doing it.  What it is your are doing?  You must be convinced that you want to practice because it is not easy and after a few weeks or months there is a drop off tendency.

Create a daily habit to sit down and gather your energy with the 5 step practice:

  1. Find a space that is your meditation space,
  2. Create a ritual and have an appointment with yourself daily.
  3. Follow the 5 step systematic sequence of focused awareness meditation.
  4. Sit for 1 minute per day and increase incrementally 1 minute at a time per week.
  5. Discover your limitless nature.

This practice becomes your teacher and that also becomes the solution.  Because the solution is within your own being. You just need to gain access.  Access is obtained with the light of awareness that guides you to the place where all healing is possible.  It gives you access to the highest teacher, your “Self”.

This meditation practice teaches you to focus your energy to free your mind so that you can create what you want in life and manifest fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, what most people want is to experience freedom and fulfillment in life, be recognized for who they are and have a purpose giving unconditionally to others. Meditation and the awareness of how, and what we feed our mind is the tool to unlock your greatest potential.

It is a known fact that women can change the world, and that change is NOW.  Learn the knowledge and share what you have have learned with your family, friends and community.

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