Rewire Your Emotional Wellbeing

Focusing your mind will rewire your emotional wellbeing and build resilience.

As we become aware of the elements that cleanse, nourish and bring balance to the the body/mind complex a — resilient mind —focused and strong—is the result.  

Brain Facts

Your brain is approximately 2% of your body weight uses 20% of the total oxygen and blood in your body. It is your fattest organ weighing about 3 pounds and utilizing 2 times more energy than other cells in your body. Unlike other organs it can change when you learn something new as well as change when we don’t continue to learn. The change is called plasticity.

Focusing our mind leads to changes in our brain that allow us to rewire both our physical and emotional wellbeing. As our attention spans are getting shorter, we are experiencing changes in brain structure leading to increased anxiety and fear. We are on the brink of becoming lost in cyberspace.

Stress and lifestyle habits affect your brain causing a deep impact on the expression and mutation of your genes. For example, research has shown that children with a violent childhood have same brain changes as soldiers in combat. Change happens and we need to be aware of this if we want to have resilience and vitality.

Consequently chronic negative experiences will sensitize that part of the brain, called the amygdala which sets off a stress response— alarm bell. This process over time creates a vicious cycle in the nervous system, behavior and the mind itself. Cortisol from the stress circuit, simulates and sensitizes the amygdala and inhibits and shrinks the hippocampus.

In essence, your brain changes with each experience that you have whether it be positive or negative. When we create habits that support and nurture our mind, then we direct those brain changes for a positive outcome. Our ability to bounce back from the experience becomes easier and better. This is called resilience, your ability to overcome the obstacles that create the delays in your life.

5 Steps to Rewire Your Emotional Wellbeing

There are 5 steps that I have used in my practice with students and clients that have been successful in building a resilient and vital mind.

1.Remain Calm – Consciously Aware Living in the Moment

Awareness is key to life. Learning to be aware of our intentions, is a start because setting your intention starts the rewiring process.
What is awareness? It is impossible to define awareness; but we can look at it as consciousness. Our recognition of who we are in relation to the life force. Our breath is the direct manifestation of the life force and it is the most precise and direct way to get in touch and train our awareness. Once we become aware of our breath— that we normally take for granted— then we have access to all the layers of awareness.

2.Assess your mind by using your body as feedback.

Your mind and body are one. Keep in mind that your body is more accessible to learn and access the happenings of your mind. Anything that goes on in your mind will have a direct representation in your body. So working with your body through movement and diet, you come to understand where there are blocks and disturbances in the energy patterns. With the proper habits you can remove them and restore health.

3. Create Space

Remove your obstacles with a detox. When we cleanse our space we allow our energy to flow. That is why cleansing diets are so popular. When we cleanse the body, we create space in the mind. When we cleanse our mind by eliminating negativity, we rewire our brain and create emotional and mental stability. This translates into better resilience.

4. Raise Your Vibration.

Nourishment is what sustains us.
Nourishment allows the organism to operate at a higher frequency from the physical body to the subtle body. A clean plant based diet provides nourishment as well as the use of sound. Pleasant melodious sound provides proper nourishment to the mind building its resilience, whereas sounds that are loud and sharp injure the mind and decrease resilience.

5. Rewire and Live Your Life’s Purpose.

Creating habits that support our intention namely meditation, builds resilience. Practicing meditation daily will give you access to all levels of your being and make it easy to create the habits that support a productive and full life. A life where you can take action and be a healing force for positive change.

The key is to heal, nourish and focus the energy of your mind to access the healing force— core of our emotional wellbeing. It is the place where the body, mind and soul intersect. There are practical lifestyle habits to sustain our life force or healing force. These include: cleansing and detox the energy pathways, nourishing these pathways with proper diet and foods and rejuvenating these with meditation and herbal formulations. Right food for mind and body and spirit becomes food as medicine. Ultimately a balanced approach using yoga and meditation practices coupled with quality foods for both mind and body.

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