Annelie H. Pelaez, RN, BS, CMSII-BC

Annelie H. Pelaez

If you want to be more, do more, and have more in life, but are unsure of how to get it, meditation is for you. Learning how to practice meditation can have a profound impact on the quality of daily living. By learning to still the mind and focus on what matters, distractions are diminished, and new possibilities appear. Life becomes meaningful and takes on a whole new dimension.

Hello, my name is Annelie, and I have been certified as a meditation specialist since 2010. I have enjoyed the benefits of Susan’s wisdom since 2009, and it is a privilege to have the knowledge to be able to practice and teach meditation from the Yoga tradition. I was born and grew up in Norway, lived most of my life working as a critical care nurse in New York, but since retired to Vero Beach, Florida. My background, education, and personal experiences have prepared me for the work I do today.

I work as a health and happiness coach, helping adults over the age of 65 to improve their cardiovascular health, while finding meaning and joy in daily life. I also create educational programs to inspire, educate, and attain optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. Using meditation as a bridge to connect body, mind, and spirit is essential to create a healthy and happy life. A life consciously created to match our dreams, is a life that is purposeful and lived
without regrets.

I am available for keynote speaking, personal, and group consultation. When not in Florida, I can be found traveling to New York, California, and Norway.
For more information, on how I may serve you, call 772-268-4400 or contact me at [email protected].

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: New York
Certification Year: 2010
Email Address: [email protected].
Phone Number: 772-268-4400

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