Annelie H. Pelaez, BS, RN, CCRN, CMSII-BC

Annelie H. Pelaez

I was born and grew up in Norway. Living between the fjords and the mountains, life was simple and wondrous, and I truly felt that I had everything. I was always sure that good health was the basis for a great lifestyle, but Meditation was something I knew little about. That was a long time ago. Good health is still the foundation to a stable life, but the practice of Meditation is what makes life fabulous. At times, also called Focused Awareness, not only does Meditation reduce stress and improve cardiovascular and general health, it also serves as a bridge between who we think we are and who we know deep within, we are supposed to be. This is where the mind and body come together and we are able to bring forth our deepest desires, get in touch with our true self, and live a life of peace, joy, and excitement.

I am a nurse, certified in critical care, and worked in ICU. Often I encountered patients who were stuck in the hospital, suffering from ailments that could have been prevented via simple lifestyle changes.

Hello, it does not have to be this way, we have more control of our lives than most people think. With much passion, I write, speak, and teach about Health Literacy and Meditation. Promoting my new book:  Si Ja, Say Yes to Better Life and Death: An Introduction to Health Literacy & Meditation.

As a student of Susan Taylor, PhD., the founder of the Center for Meditation Science, I became board certified as a Meditation Specialist in 2010. I am grateful to have had the privilege of studying under her supportive and inspirational guidance. Advocate for Health Literacy and Meditation

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: New York
Certification Year: 2010
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: (516) 998-5730

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