Kelly Heyler, RN, MSI-BC

Kelly has been a Registered Nurse for 30+ years working in the areas of critical care, post cardiac surgery, cardiac/lung transplants, outpatient surgery and employee health.

Kelly is committed to teaching others Focused Awareness Meditation to manage and reduce stress and anxiety to help improve and enhance personal health and well-being. She has experienced through her own practice how meditation can positively affect both physical and mental aspects of healing and is excited to provide others with tools they need to help themselves lead happier, healthier and more joyful lives.

Of particular interest is introducing teens to meditation, mindful breathing and relaxation to assist them in finding more balance within the demands of todays burdening academic, social and parental pressures. Teaching techniques to increase self-awareness and take time to look inward is important when so much of today’s world draws their attention outward.
Kelly has found teens to be receptive to learning practices that will better equip them to handle future challenges they may encounter in their lives.

Currently accepting new clients.

Location: California
Certification Year: 2015
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 949-300-2080

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