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Susan Taylor, PhD

Dear Women Seekers

I believe that women have power to change the world, they already have the vital intelligence to do this. And this vital intelligence is unique to each one of us. In many cases we have forgotten that it exists and lost our focus to access this. At any time we can choose to acknowledge, nourish, and experience the benefits of this innate force.

I have heard it said that each of us is the architect of our life. We live what we acknowledge, nourish what we love. Experience what we focus on. Our Experience creates our story and this story builds our relationships and connects us to our life. We can write a new story anytime provided that we have the knowledge and systematic training to do this.

We are in a global wellness crisis right now which creates a tremendous opportunity for change. We have lost our ability to tap into our vital intelligence due to the negative forces that have hijacked our ability to trust and use our inner strength.

Nutrition and Meditation are two pillars providing the nourishment that can bring about profound changes and give us the fuel to overcome negative forces since both Nutrition and Meditation support the synergy between Health and Consciousness.
They cannot be separate.

Think of it this way. What-when-how we eat has a tremendous effect on the quality of consciousness that we experience. What and how we think has a tremendous effect on the quality of our health! And in order for human consciousness to be uplifted everything that we feed our human organism by way of food, thought and action …must be nourishing and safe to keep our energy uplifted and pure. Because the energy of the mind is the essence of life.

Today pharmaceuticals have become leaders in driving the healthcare agenda based on “false profits”. P r o f i t s. These false promises hijack our mind and lead to disempowerment and disease. They have taken over how our health is addressed. Our farmers have been bribed to commit crimes against nature’s wisdom and they suffer because they know better.

The truth is that all of what mother nature has provided for us to live a healthy and vital life has been adulterated or totally killed off. We are facing this now and as a collective consciousness we have become addicted to “unhealthiness” in mind body and soul. There is only one way to save ourselves, and humanity for that matter and even the planet.

We must become aware, face our issues and make a focused effort to change. We can begin to pay attention to what we feed our body, mind and soul, what we feed our waterways and our gardens. We must be aware the need to reclaim our “selves” so that we can focus our energy to heal ourselves and communities and ultimately restore the planet.

The time is here. We must CHANGE and abort all habits contributing to cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, infertility… the list goes on.

By eliminating the energy of anger, hate and greed, the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, because they are designed to kill and they do. You don’t need a scientific study to tell you this… we know this, our inner wisdom tells us this.

MY mission is to empower women to bring about positive change to our planet.


I want to teach authentic knowledge and practices, that I have learned from masters of the himalayan tradition, to support personal growth and transformation. Empowering women will restore the planet.

I want to tell the world: We must Wake up…

We are privileged to live as human beings..in a world of absolute abundance. If you Nurture nature, nature will nurture you. You are nature and whatever goes on with her, will certainly go on with you.

Her earth is your flesh,
Her rivers are your circulation,
Her air is your breath.
When she is sick so are you.

My message for every one is to be the force of positive change to heal nourish and transform yourself. Let’s write a new story together… A story that is optimistic where we provide a green, healthy and nourished planet for our children and their children to come.

Let’s be the force of positive change and do this together.


In service,

Susan Taylor, PhD

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