3 Steps to Promote Vitality

The top 3 steps to slow the leakage of our body’s vitality, get the healing force back online.

  1. Remain Calm. Do not react.  Studies show that when your body and mind are calm that your body has an increased  capacity to remove any debris that you have collected in the environment.  This is especially true for the brain. Your brain detoxes itself when you are calm.
  2. Stop and Shift.   Anytime you feel the urge to react, simply stop and catch hold of that moment,  focus on your breathing. You can do this by watching your inhalation and exhalation at the tip of your nose.
  3. Focus to Re-boot.  Follow the exhalation and inhalation for at least 3-4 seconds for each.  Maintain this for 3 minutes. #healingforce #remaincalm #detox
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