Is Your Healing Force Online?

Most often our healing force is detoured and goes offline.  The solution is to Remain Calm no matter what if you are going to be vital and live in peace.  When you are able to bring yourself at will, into a calm tranquil state, at that time there is an amazing thing that happens, your mind becomes tranquil and your brain becomes tranquil, and the healing force starts flowing unimpeded.  As soon as you change your awareness gets detoured going south when you intended to head north, havoc takes place.   If you are sensitive and aware you will see the shift in your consciousness and its affect on your body and mind.  So remain calm to keep your mind focused in the right direction.

  1. Stop and Observe the Situation
  2. Change your focus to the tip of your nose
  3. Watch the breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils
  4. Reboot Back Online.  Follow the exhalation and inhalation for at least 3-4 seconds for each.  Maintain this for 3 minutes. #healingforce #remaincalm #detox#brain
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