My Approach

Wellbeing is a Mindset

I believe wellbeing is a mindset. I provide tools to develop psychological, and physical strength required to successfully master change. It’s not enough to deliver an outer technical, behavioral and psychological skill set – it requires building an inner skill to support energy, focus and resilience in a culture of wellness.

Having the core components found among those with emotional/mental stability: energ,y focus, and resilience helps reduce employee stress and anxiety, retain employees, attract more, and build engagement and retention.

My role is to present a scientific foundation, provide a path for success and provide a systematic formula that has participants living an elevated mindset, ready to move through any challenge with purpose, balance, intention and stability. This is where science meets practice.

I’ve been working to advance the highest expression of individual health long enough to know that businesses and wellness organizations can lose sight of what it takes to bridge the gap between mental health and physical wellbeing. I’m a simple solution. I come at the challenge from understanding the underlying issues that get in the way of restoring the critical functions of mind that lead to emotional and mental resilience.

Customized and built for Sustainability

It’s likely you won’t need to keep a full-time trainer on-call all the time with solid deliverables. And every time a coach or professional is doing something different, you aren’t getting sustainable results. While technology based wellness apps are usable, the results are short lived. That’s where I come in—human connection. When you add me to your team, you get comprehensive and experiential training without taking on long-term expenses that only yield short-term results.

Your training will be designed and implemented by me with a total number of sessions that are customized to support your needs, there’s no waste. Programs can be delivered on location and/or virtual with ad hoc consultancy, the client gets so much more than they expected.

Most of my time these days is spent focusing on developing mental health and wellness training programs. In short, I deliver 1- 3 hour introductory workshops, 4 week courses and/or 1-3 day long retreats offered both virtually and in person.

I am able to come in, quickly assess a situation and show you how to build emotional and mental wellbeing from the inside out.

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