The Meditative Shift Podcast with Susan Taylor, PHD

Doctor Susan Taylor hosts the Meditative Shift Podcast – Author of Return to Radiance, Feeling Good Matters, and the Vital Energy Reset. Susan guides us as we navigate ancient wisdom and modern science across the topics of mind, medicine, and holistic health.

Does Your Spirit Need An Uplift? 5 Ways to Be Stress Free No Matter What!

How can we tend to our spirit when we are surrounded by global unrest, environmental catastrophes and fear of economic instability? In today’s episode, Susan discusses: 6 ways to improve our rest how to avoid food stress how to eat in accordance with your metabolic clock


Relax to the Core: 5 Levels to Remain Calm

No one would argue that your body and mind need rest. Think of taking a rest as giving yourself a time-out from thinking and reacting to the outside world. In today’s episode Susan discusses: the benefits of systematic relaxation three factors to get the best results  5 levels of relaxation


Get Energetic: 8 Diet Strategies

Food quality often gets overlooked when we are more concerned with protein, calories, fats, vitamins and minerals. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: why quality of food is important nutritional energetics strategies to be energetic with food


Energy, Vitality and Building Immunity: 9 Essentials

How we think and act reflects the health of our immune function. And our immune function reflects our level of vitality. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: three ways we get our immunity when our immunity is most vulnerable strategies to build immunity


Is Fatigue Getting In Your Way? 7 Diet Principles to Perk Up!

We all crave energy and vitality. We seek joy and happiness until we actually depart from this worldly planet. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: why do we get fatigued signs of toxin buildup practical strategies to remove toxins


Are You Tired? 3 Solutions to Regain Energy

Are you feeling brain drain, stressed out, or just plain overdone? If so, you are not alone. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: the difference between feeling tired and being fatigued the main causes of feeling tired 3 practical remedies to restore function


Tame Your Mind with Meditation

Meditation is a process of purifying the mind and making it one-pointed, inward, and tranquil. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Meditation as a practice Points to enhance practice A focused practice


Taming The Mind

Many of us think that the mind cannot be tamed, cannot be polished, cannot be used, cannot be made useful. This is not true. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Why are knowledge and practice essential? What to expect with training? Why do we need to detox the mind?


Pure Happiness: Why Do You Need to Train Your Mind?

Most of us, if not all, seek happiness and tranquility. One of the key ingredients for being happy is to have a clear, calm and tranquil state of mind. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Why is it important to train our mind? What is mind and its functions? How to navigate the mind?


How to Empower A Successful Life: The Secrets of the Yoga Scientist

There are several characteristics that are common among yoga scientists, qualities that lend themselves to being able to empower a successful life. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Yoga Science in modern day How to use your own life as a laboratory 6 Key characteristics to be successful in the world

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