Return to Radiance by Susan Taylor, PhD

Revitalize Your Energy
Reclaim Your Mind
Return to Radiance - Your True Nature

Life is  a journey of transformation, but never before have the forces come together quite with the same urgency that they are now. Like a “no turning back” reality that’s forcing a change in the human experience. We must become more aware of our true nature.  It is this awareness that transforms us into a vital state of being.

Dr. Susan Taylor offers guidance for today’s challenges with immediate access to 330 pages that integrate time-proven practices for a happier life.  Return to Radiance will help you achieve the balance we all crave in order to serve humanity our most brilliant and vital selves.

Return to Radiance in order to thrive in today’s chaotic world.

When I ask people, “Do you want to be radiant?” Everyone always says, “Yes, of course!” What does it actually mean to be radiant, though? Is it the way you feel at twenty? Does it come from doing work you love? Does radiance depend on looking sexually attractive or having a good relationship? There is saying that when we work on the inside, we shine on the outside.  Radiance is the inner luminosity or brilliance which occurs when we are energetic and vital; it occurs when our inner light is bright.

It is inevitable that we are going to get older. How we age is determined to some degree by our genetic makeup. However, a far more important influence is our everyday lifestyle habits—how we eat, how we breathe, how we move, and most importantly, how we think.

We can release habits that drain our energy and restore habits promoting energy, we transform ourselves into vitality. There is no mystery when there is mastery.

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