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Riding The Wave of Depression

For many, the pandemic infused us with multiple forms of stress. We are left with a deep sense of loss leading to grief and perhaps a feeling of depression.​

NeuroBreath: Optimize Your Brain Potential

A growing number of clinical studies have demonstrated that breathing-including meditation-may represent a new non-pharmacological approach for improving specific aspects of how our brain focuses and thrives in stressful situations.

ReEngineer Your Brain: 3 Top NeuroEnhancers

Did you know that you can directly impact your ability to focus, think and establish inner peace without supplements?  

Optimize Your Brain: 6 Essentials

The number of people living with dementia worldwide is currently estimated at 50 million and will almost triple by 2050. As the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia affect our thinking, memory, behavior and ability to live life fully increase; maintaining optimal brain function has become a key concern.

ReSpirit Your Life

Your consciousness is pure, happy, compassionate and kind by nature, but to find that we must learn to let go of the unconscious turbulence that we can fall into when we lose connection with our inner peace.

Venturing Out: 4 Essentials to Support Energy

Most Americans feel worn out and exhausted—a feeling that has increased since the pandemic started. As summer approaches, we are inspired to venture out with energy to live our full potential.

Psychological Immunity: How To Get It and Keep It!

People look for safety. The will to survive is hardwired in every living being.

Tired and Exhausted? 6 Secret Energy Thieves

Did you ever wonder what robs us of our energy—new challenges that may be stressful, poor diet and nutrition, anxious thoughts, or perhaps decision fatigue?

Heal Faster: 5 Steps to Get Started

Healing requires that we bring our organism back into balance.

Is Your Psychological Immunity Strong? 3 Practices for Support

The current surge of technology particularly during restrictive gatherings, challenges our physical and psychological immunity. Many are experiencing emotional vulnerability and over reactiveness, not necessarily from our interaction with others, but with our own rumination of thoughts.

Do You Have Confidence in Your Immune System? 9 Strategies to Get Started

How confident are we to handle stress, conflict, or any difficulty for that matter? Do we have trust in ourselves to maintain our physical and psychological immunity?

Hardwire Your Brain for Confidence and Happiness

Did you know that your brain can change and this change is measurable? It takes about 40 days to rewire your brain for confidence and success.

6 Essential Foods for Good Moods

Do you know that the food you eat can have just as profound an effect on your brain and your happiness quotient as the drugs prescribed by your health practitioner?

Get Back Your Go: From Separation to Connection

How do we heal when we have lost our inspiration to create and live with positivity and fullness? Deep down within our core we do indeed know that being in nature might be a solution.

Vitality Revealed! 5 Skills to Support Positive Energy

You are aware and understand very simply that everything that happens in your mind has a physical representation in your brain and everything that happens in your brain correlates with what happens in your body.

Reclaim Your Mind: Tips To Restore Optimism

Americans are struggling with their mental health right now and the stress of the pandemic and unsettledness is weighing heavily on many. How we can support mental health and wellness at the intersection of the Covid-19 pandemic and unsettledness is very possible with the right ingredients.

Return to Radiance: 21 Guided Meditations for Positive Energy

Dr. Susan Taylor and the Center for Meditation Science are hosting 21 guided meditations for everyone to level-up positive energy.

Train Your Mind For Happiness 2021: 3 Steps to Get Started

The custom of starting the New Year with a resolution has good intentions behind it. However, as many as 90 percent good intentions don’t get very far.

Level Up Your Health for 2021. 3 Pillars of Support

In order to step into your true radiant power, your body and mind need to be able to handle more energy.

Need to Upgrade Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing? 5 Practices to Get Started.

Many of us have such great intentions to live healthy and happy. With the new year upon us, is it time to set new intentions and make new resolutions?

Level Up Your Thinking: 5 Things That You Can Do!

The way we think has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing.

Is A Digital Lifestyle Hijacking Your Brain?

It is of no surprise that our technology habits are profoundly hijacking our brains leading to distraction, disturbance and ultimately fatigue.

Conscious Leadership: Create An Optimistic Future

Everyone aspires to be great and possess the freedom and fulfillment that life has to offer. But few take the path of looking inward to recognize that the fundamentals of leadership lie in “well being”.

5 Essentials to ReVitalize Yourself

Vitality is essential to live with health and happiness. Therefore, it is important that we establish ourselves in a lifestyle to support energy.

Are You Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

The global epidemic of fatigue and exhaustion leading to fear, anger, anxiety, and depression seems to be taking hold of our health and happiness.

Do You Need A Mind Edit? Meditation May Be The Answer.

Many people beginning meditation want to feel better.  They expect meditation to act as a quick fix; but find that it has some challenges. In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: Meditation trains our mind to be positive How much meditation is enough Tips on how to meditate

Can What You Eat Have Emotional Consequences? 5 Tips to Get Back in Balance

The world health organization estimates that by 2032, anxiety and depression will be the number one health issue on the planet. And during this time of the pandemic; it’s likely that that might be the case already.

What Happens to Your Brain During Meditation?

Early research has found that meditation can change the workings of the brain.

Is Meditation Really Beneficial?

It has been said that with the practice of meditation you can gain a healthier mind by expanding your awareness around stress, developing focus and self-confidence, and fostering positive emotions.

How To Thrive In A Troubled World

Do you know that courage is the best antivirus?

Feel Out Of Control? Catch Your Breath.

Our life is fully dependent on breath. When breath ceases we die. When we say catch your breath, we are really saying it because you have lost control.

Can The Way You Breathe Turn Off Anxious Thoughts?

It may be hard to believe, but 9 out of 10 adults breathe incorrectly, thereby impairing their health and exacerbating anxiety and depression. Fortunately, we can relearn how to breath and do it correctly.

Nourish Your Whole Being

Food is our source of nourishment; therefore, what we eat has a tremendous impact on how we feel and think.  

Overcome Fatigue and Worry – Steps to Nourish Your Mind

Our energy is constantly being drained without even knowing what is happening.  We hear of solutions and quick fixes; but they don’t work.  

Transform Your Thoughts with Meditation

Can we control our thoughts?  They seem to just flood the mind without evening knowing what is happening.  One thought builds into an entire story.

Protect and Nourish Your Lungs for Better Immunity

Abundant lung energy manifests as strong physical vitality. Immunity is strong, so recovery from illness is quick and effective.  In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: Why it is important to nourish your lung How the lung and colon work together Specific foods helpful to lung health

Breathe For Strong Immunity

The lung’s job is that of making a boundary between the inner and the outer world.

Feeling Anxious? Adopt A New Way of Breathing

Our nervous system dictates our emotional and physical health.  Breathing practices that focus on stimulating the vagus nerve  help us come back to balance, whether we are keyed-up with anxiety or shut down with fatigue.

Balance Your Breath, Manage Your Mind

Do you know that the remedy for a calm and happy mind is right under your nose.

Emotional Eating – Are You Craving Nourishment?

Do you label your eating as emotional eating?  Take a new perspective.

Immunity versus Fear: Is Panic Increasing Your Risk?

We have been encouraged to protect our physical body during the COVID-19 pandemic; but, we are being given very little in terms of our mental and emotional health.

Uplift Your Mind Post COVID 19: Learn To Meditate

Pandemics have a way of giving us an opportunity to look at ourselves closely when we may not want to really face the challenge.

Move Beyond Blame: Live Healthy and Happy Post COVID-19

Does constant blame feed our worry and fear? Does it prevent us from living healthy and happy? 

Build Immunity Beyond the Obvious

We all know that a negative emotion produces toxins in the body, interferes with chemical reactions and causes imbalance.

Immunity Starts In the Mind: How To Stay Healthy and Happy

Given the choice, who among us would refuse to boost the immune system?  We all want to be healthy and happy and avoid disease.

Uplift Yourself: Keep Your Mind Free of Fear

If we are going to rise to the top during this pandemic situation, we must let go of the fear and come together as a collective consciousness supporting love, compassion and service to all. 

Get A Spiritual Uplift: Relax To The Core

In her book, Feeling Good Matters, Dr Taylor talks about navigating the inner dimensions of your personality.  

Take Time For Self-Development: A Practice for Emotional Distancing

Although we do indeed need to be aware and have some control over our health and well being, social media has magnified the speed at which “emotional contagion” can spread through a population.

Feel Out Of Sync? Get Back Your Flow

 We don’t need to feel the dread creeping in at times of change.  With change emerges a new awareness for the better.

Rise Above the Panic: A Practice to Restore Yourself

At the center of ongoing need and chaos, it can feel impossible to be centered and grounded. 

Remain Calm: A Practice To Get Started

Social media is doing what it does best to sensationalize and create panic in the minds and hearts of everyone.  It is important that we don’t catch the emotional chaos.

Do You Have Fear of COVID-19? 8 Strategies To Consider

The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus situation pandemic. Should we take reasonable precautions? I would say, “Yes”. Do we need to get into a panic, I would say, “No”.

Does Your Spirit Need An Uplift? 5 Ways to Be Stress Free No Matter What!

How can we tend to our spirit when we are surrounded by global unrest, environmental catastrophes and fear of economic instability?

Relax to the Core: 5 Levels to Remain Calm

No one would argue that your body and mind need rest. Think of taking a rest as giving yourself a time-out from thinking and reacting to the outside world.

Get Energetic: 8 Diet Strategies

Food quality often gets overlooked when we are more concerned with protein, calories, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Energy, Vitality and Building Immunity: 9 Essentials

How we think and act reflects the health of our immune function. And our immune function reflects our level of vitality.

Is Fatigue Getting In Your Way? 7 Diet Principles to Perk Up!

We all crave energy and vitality. We seek joy and happiness until we actually depart from this worldly planet.

Are You Tired? 3 Solutions to Regain Energy

Are you feeling brain drain, stressed out, or just plain overdone? If so, you are not alone.

Tame Your Mind with Meditation

Meditation is a process of purifying the mind and making it one-pointed, inward, and tranquil.

Taming The Mind

Many of us think that the mind cannot be tamed, cannot be polished, cannot be used, cannot be made useful. This is not true.

Pure Happiness: Why Do You Need to Train Your Mind?

Most of us, if not all, seek happiness and tranquility. One of the key ingredients for being happy is to have a clear, calm and tranquil state of mind.

How to Empower A Successful Life: The Secrets of the Yoga Scientist

There are several characteristics that are common among yoga scientists, qualities that lend themselves to being able to empower a successful life.

Take Charge of Your Life

Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and successful in life, but where are we to find the guide to having this as our living reality?

Are You Experiencing Food Stress?

Did you ever stop to think that our body perceives stress when it is filled with food that is harmful? The reality is that it isn’t just our environments or tough situations that cause stress.

Stoke the Fire of the Body For Optimal Vitality

The Ayurvedic concept of fire, or agni, is critically important to our overall health and vitality. Agni is the force of intelligence within each cell, each tissue, and every system within the body.

Self Transformation: The Secret of Yoga Science

What does Yoga science mean to you?  When people talk about Yoga they often think it has something to do with the physical being only.

10 Solutions to Keep Your Mind Clear of Clutter

Think of your mind as your most precious real estate. Would you ever rent out a room in your house without being compensated? No. Right? But we do that all the time when we let our negative thinking clutter our space.

Do Your Habits Support An Unshakable Mind?

No matter who or what exerts dominance over our bodies, our food, or our freedoms, we are in charge of what matters most: our mind.

Is Meditation Right for You?

How to approach meditation is sometimes of concern since there are many different traditions out there — some legitimate and some not so legitimate.

Meditate and Return To Radiance

Meditation is a process of purifying the mind and making it one-pointed, inward, and tranquil.

How To Remain Calm When The World Is In Turbulence

One of the most valuable life skills is the ability to live in this world and not be affected by it.

7 Codes to Reprogram Your Thinking

Are we completely at the mercy of our mind? Yes we are. Because the energy of our mind is the essence of our life.

Is Your Nervous System A Bit Shaky?

Our nervous system dictates our emotional and physical health. Through correct breathing we become unshakable even in turbulent conditions.

Can You Counteract Negative Thinking with Meditation?

The lens through which you view the world is predominantly determined by your feelings and thoughts.

Does Your Lifestyle Support Resilience?

Everyone wants to be vital; but sometimes our diet and lifestyle needs to be adjusted to support resilience.

Do You Have Psychological Immunity?

How well we handle stress, conflict and any difficulty for that matter dictates the health of our psychological immunity. 

Secrets to Psychological Wellbeing

How many of us really know how our mind works? Do you ever find yourself emotionally unstable and don’t know how you got there?

Does Happiness Just Happen?

Did you ever feel like you chase after happiness; where happiness was to be experienced somewhere in the future?

Are You Light Hearted? Benefits of Forgiveness.

An ancient Egyptian myth offers a powerful message to lighten up; to let go of the emotional burdens that weigh us down, disturb our peace, and make it difficult to be fully present. 

Is Focus A Challenge? Just Relax Into It.

Many meditation practices emphasize the importance of concentration. However, most find it far too difficult, leading to more tension and frustration with the feeling of failure.

Get Back Your Go, Vitalize Your Immune System

Given the choice, who among us would refuse a vital immune system? Doesn’t everyone want to be healthy and would rather avoid illness and disease?

Vitality, How to Get It and Keep It

Are you enthusiastic and feeling inspired?  Are you abundant with energy for living?

Detox Your Mind: Eight Ways to Restore A Healthy Mind

Are you being dragged around by worrisome thinking? Are you carrying around undigested experiences? Does your mind need a detox?

Rewire to Relax: Create Biological Balance

In today’s world, there is no question that relaxation is a core ingredient for living with health and vitality. Without training, your brain is reactive. It seeks comfort above all else and chases whatever is right in front of you.

6 Steps To Optimize Your Meditation

If you have ever tried to meditate, you might have found that it is not so easy.  Well, you are not alone.  Meditation is not so easy and requires precision, skill and practice.

Focus Your Mind; Master Your Body

When we bring the light of our awareness to a point of convergence rather than having it become dissipated, we create an energetic hub. In this hub, we actually change our cellular mechanisms.

Want To Be A Healing Force For Positive Change?

Today more than ever we need to come together in a collective effort to bring back a positive vibe to ourselves, nature and all of humanity.  

Diet Strategies For Energy and Creativity: A Look At Digestion

The food we eat has a significant influence on our minds and hearts. You could even say that the nature of our mind and feelings depends on the food we have eaten.

Is Your Brain Wired For Optimal Health?

Your brain contains over 100 billion neurons. Each neuron forms synapses with 1000 to 100000 other neurons forming intricate neural networks that rely on certain factors.

From Microbes to Mental Health: Connecting Your Gut To Your Head

Did you ever wonder why so much of how we feel registers in our stomach? Terms like butterflies in our stomach, or a gut feeling, or gut wrenching experiences are all tell tale signs of how our gut has feelings too. 

Lighten Up Your Mood: A Look At BDNF To Protect Your Brain

Are you thinking or even worried about how your brain is going to be aging over the next few years? Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays an important role in protecting the brain from neurodegenerative disease.

Detox Your Brain

Is your brain’s cleansing and nourishing systems optimal? Do you need a brain boost?

The Science of Meditation

Meditation allows us to gain access to our own powerful inner resources for awareness, transformation, and healing to occur.

From Confusion to Concentration: The Science Of How To Stay Focused

How many things are pulling for your attention right now?  Is your to-do list growing?  Are you confused as to what to do next?

How To Improve Focus: 7 Natural Remedies

There are many pharmaceuticals that are designed to improve attention, focus, and increased productivity. But at what cost?

Seven Tips for Staying Hydrated: An Alternative View

Cellular hydration matters for your mood. Looking at more subtle viewpoints allows us to get to the root of our mood issues.

Does Water Affect Your Mood? A Look At Hydration.

Although it is well known that water is essential for human survival, it’s only within the last decade that we have begun to understand its role in the maintenance of brain function.  When we get dehydrated, our brain actually shrinks.

Does Inflammation Affect Your Mood?

Struggling with feeling the blues or feeling anxious?  Research continues to say our gut may be a place to look for a solution.

What Do You Feed Your Mind? Three Levels of Mental Nutrition

What we feed our mind not only changes things in the moment; but has the capacity to leave behind the vibrational footprint that is reflected in our resilience.

Soundbite Knowledge; Do we really need the full course?

I have heard it said; ‘Don’t believe what you hear, and only believe half of what you see”.  Could this be true?

Fasting Strategies, Which One Is Best?

I am a strong advocate for overnight fasting. After conducting extensive research, I realized that this might be the best strategy for most.

Does Fasting Improve Vitality?

A lot has been said about fasting. A lot of it as good for you as junk food. But the overall principle is the same in all of them: the body needs time to rest from the daily activity of digestion.

Create the Force for Transformation

Did you know that there are special practices that help you to reconnect to the forces that keep you alive and vital?

Vital Energy: How To Get It and Keep It

Do you ever find yourself in the mid-afternoon with low energy, feeling exhausted and your enthusiasm, and drive diminished? 

Silence Is Golden: A Look Into Meditation

Did you know that meditation may result in lasting changes in mental function?

What Is Stress All About?

Did you know that stress exacerbates disease symptoms and drives disease progression, and diseases disrupt stress responses to produce neuropsychiatric symptoms?

Can Breathing Push Away Anxiety?

It may be hard to believe, but 9 out of 10 adults breathe incorrectly; but fortunately, we can relearn how to breath and do it correctly.

Can Meditation Alleviate Anxiety?

Meditation makes perfect sense for working with anxiety, especially if it is taught systematically and with precision.

Are We Entering A New Age of Anxiety?

Research shows anxiety — characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear — is now 800 percent more prevalent than all forms of cancer.

Can Exercise Improve Your Brain’s Resilience?

Researchers say one new case of dementia is detected every four seconds globally.  Can exercise help with making the brain more resilient?

Is Being Happy and Healthy the Norm?

When I ask people ” what do they need in life to be fulfilled and happy?”, they reply good food, good friends, good relationships, less stress; but something is missing.

The Highly Resilient Brain

Do you have top-notch mental resilience and the ability to utilize your full mental potential?

Eight Steps to Emotional Balance

Modern research has shown that meditation is an effective strategy when coupled with right diet and lifestyle for treating anxiety, depression and other emotional imbalances.

Beating the Blues: Insights into Emotional Resilience

Depression affects more than 19 million adult Americans each year and women are twice as likely as men to experience it.

Do You Feel Like Things Are Falling Apart?

Our health is more vulnerable when one season cycles into another. The change in seasons has an especially strong impact on us, making it easier for us to feel like we are falling apart. 

Confused On What To Eat? False Profits May Be to Blame

Is there something driving our nutrition knowledge?   The unstated goal of most company-sponsored research studies is to increase net profits.

Does Feeling Good Really Matter?

To truly feel good is a matter of holding the space to be happy, prosperous and fulfilled in all aspects of our life.

Inflammation: Fire Gone Wild

Fire is one of the principle metaphors in a Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Cholesterol, The Good and Not So Bad

There is no such thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Worried About Cholesterol? A Look At Dietary Fat Concerns

Did you know that only about 20% of the cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from the food you eat?

Is Your Current Multivitamin Giving You What You Need?

More people than ever depend upon supplements to help fill in nutritional gaps in their diets. Does one tablet give you what you need?

Do We Really Need Supplements?

Does a healthy diet provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need? Or, do we need supplements?

Do You Have The Guts To Be Resilient?

Everyone says that resilience starts in the mind, and this is true, but did you know that your gut health has a significant impact?

Nourishing A Resilient Mind

Are you feeling not up to par?  Do you think that your thyroid wellness may be challenged?

Natural Resilience: A Look At Ashwagandha

Did you ever take a look at nature’s herbal allies for support in building and nourishing resilience?

Are You In Tune with Nature’s Elements?

Is your fire being tended to or is it diminished or possibly running out of control?

Can Nutrients Affect Your Resilience?

Is it possible that a lack of adequate nutrients for our brain leaves us more vulnerable? What role does nutrition play in our resilience?

Growing Healthy Food

Currently there is alot going on with sustainable energy, food, and farming practices. And it appears now that sustainable just isn’t enough.

Food As Medicine

Did you know research reveals that those who consume a better diet have an average of two milliliters more total brain volume than those who do not?

Does Exercise Build A Resilient Brain?

Resilience decline is happening now worldwide due to lifestyle habits that contribute to stress and anxiety.

CBD for Healing, Hype or Reality?

More people in the holistic wellness world are turning to CBD for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, but many are not familiar with it’s nature.

The Healing Power of Meditation

Can meditation help us come back into balance and help us heal?

5 Strategies for Sustainable Resilience

It seems as though everyone wants to be resilient these days. Did you know resilience is both innate and acquired?

Superfoods, Hype or Reality?

What is a superfood? And are the claims necessarily true? The term “superfood” has been used 

Adapting to Stress?

Are you feeling just not up to par?  Many persons can experience fatigue and exhaustion at a particularly stressful point in their life.

Build A Foundation for Inner Resilience

Today more than ever we are plagued with fear and self-doubt that is driving our resilience into a downward spiral. What is causing this reality? 

Are You Established In Being?

When we are resilient we are established in being.   What does this mean to you?

Can Cognitive Decline Be Reversed?

Today, we are facing a planetary imbalance, a healing crisis where vitality and purpose are met with anxiety, distraction,  fatigue and cognitive decline.

Rewire Your Emotional Wellbeing

Focusing your mind will rewire your emotional wellbeing and build resilience.

Are You Totally Relaxed

Did you know that there is more to relaxation than just letting go of bodily tension?  

Relax Into Being

There are times when you’re tired, but napping just isn’t an option. During these moments, you might wonder whether taking a quick rest is beneficial?  The answer is yes.

6 Steps for Better Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Each night millions of people struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep.

It’s A Matter of Connection

With the current landscape of instant results, our resilience  and ability to focus our compromised.  

Focus the Energy of Your Mind

We are constantly being disturbed and distracted without even knowing what is happening.

7 Skills to Build Resilience

Resilience is a mindset.  It refers to how well you can deal with and bounce back from difficulties.

The Future of Well-Being

Your body is an activity and each year all the cells are new.  Did you know that how you feel changes every cell in your body and  how you feel even changes your genes?

Feed Your Whole Being

We live in a nation with absolute abundance yet we suffer from diseases of depletion.  We spend billions of dollars on diet in the US with billions of dollars spent annually on soft drinks, fitness clubs, diet foods and commercial weight loss programs.

How Much Food Is Enough?

How many times have you said to yourself, “Stop eating, you don’t need anymore”?  How easy is it to get up in the morning after a late night meal?

Does Your Quality of Food Support Vitality?

What is the quality of food that your are eating? Does it support your brain’s vitality?

Dodge the Magic Bullet

Time and time again we are promised the quick and easy approach to diet, aging, rejuvenation by way of just one pill or potion. But, we find ourselves still searching for the cure to feel better.

Is Fasting Healthy?

A lot has been written about fasting. A lot of it as good for you as junk food. But the overall principal is the same in all of them: the body needs time to rest from the daily activity of digestion.

Build Your Foundation for Vitality

We live in a nation with absolute abundance; yet we suffer from diseases of depletion.  We spend billions of dollars trying to stay healthy and happy; but somehow we are falling short.  What is causing this reality?  

Preventing Burnout

Everyone understands the stress of being alive in today’s current climate. Everyone knows that stress leads to burnout. Many of you have friends or colleagues that have or are experiencing this. Perhaps you, yourself , are suffering burnout as well.

Food for Focus

Does your brain have enough energy to focus? When, What and How you eat has a tremendous effect on all of the operations of your brain.

Neuroscience of Focus: A look at how the Brain Focuses

What exactly is does it mean to focus? How does our brain work when we are distracted VS focused?

Train Your Focus, Rewire Your Brain

We have all heard the expression “practice makes perfect” throughout life starting in childhood. Then in 1993 Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, l went on to popularize the concept that a person becomes an expert with just “10,000 hours” of focused practice. This has been debated and proven incorrect on many levels. What we do know […]

Mindfulness Works Best with Focus

Training the mind to focus requires skill and precision, the same ingredients needed for conducting a scientific expert. What we focus on is reflected in our mind field which leaves an impression on our brain. The great news is that we can train our mind to focus and create new brain pathways to support how […]

Is Mindfulness Enough?

Over the past decade our media channels have been flooded with articles in the management and the literature proclaiming the marvels of mindfulness. This movement presents mindfulness as the panacea for all ills ranging from individual unhappiness to lack of work productivity. And if so, can its claims be justified?

Conscious Leadership

Everyone aspires to be great and possess the freedom and fulfillment that life has to offer. But few take the path of looking inward and recognizing that the fundamentals of leadership lie in “well being”.

Create A Personal Practice for Healing

The deepest desire that you possess is to be happy.  Everyone wants to feel good so that they can enjoy what life has to offer.  Where does one begin to design a life that promotes and supports this concept?  

Five Steps to Restore Vitality

Restoring our vitality requires not only that we identify what is needed but that we follow a systematic pathway to accomplish our goal.

Vitamin D: The Happy Hormone

Can the sun make you happier?  Did you know that Vitamin D is responsible for activating more  than 900 genes and helps fight preventing cancer, inflammation and cognitive issues like Dementia and Alzheimers?

Do You Have the Guts to Be Happy

Did you ever wonder why so much of how we feel  registers in our stomach?  Terms like butterflies in our stomach, or a gut feeling, or gut wrenching experiences are all tell tale signs of how our gut has feelings too.   Today, what yoga science has known for thousands of years becomes recognized by modern […]

Access The Healing Force with Meditation

Have you tried to meditate, but it seems impossible to manage?  Did you know that meditation is a practice and it takes time to learn?

Remain Calm

Are You Calm?  Consciously Aware Living in the Moment?  

Digital Detox

Is your brain being hijacked by the habit of staying connected? Are you letting the “FOMO”(fear of being left out) bug take hold of your mind?

Ignite your Healing

In this episode, Susan Taylor discusses the dynamics of health and disease. Is your healing force going south when you are intending to be heading North? Do you have a bout of distraction leading your healing force astray? Listen in to hear the solution for getting your healing force back online.

Pathways to Healing

In this episode, Susan Taylor discusses the Pathways to Healing, Connecting the Visible with the Invisible. Did you ever wonder what connects our mind and body together?

The Healing Force Introduction

In this first episode of the Susan Taylor Podcast, Susan introduces listeners to the Healing Force.

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