The Meditative Shift Podcast with Susan Taylor, PHD

Doctor Susan Taylor hosts the Meditative Shift Podcast – Author of Return to Radiance, Feeling Good Matters, and the Vital Energy Reset. Susan guides us as we navigate ancient wisdom and modern science across the topics of mind, medicine, and holistic health.

Zen Your Gut

Recent research has uncovered a remarkable link between these two seemingly unrelated aspects of health. Did you know that monks who regularly meditate have different gut microbes than their neighbors? This finding has opened up a new frontier in understanding how our mental state can influence our physical health. In today’s episode, Susan talks about: meditation, anxiety, and cortisol the impact of a balance gut practical tips for meditation and gut health


Mindset Self Care Essentials

At the core of self-care lies its essential role in fostering a clear and calm mindset. Amid the fast pace of today’s world, carving out time and space to prioritize our mental and emotional well-being can seem non-existent, and even when it is possible, it often feels overwhelming. In this episode, Dr. Taylor explores six vital self-care practices designed to protect and nurture a calm and tranquil mind.


Foundations For A Mindset Reset

A mindset reset isn’t just about changing how we think on a superficial level; it’s about transforming how we perceive and interact with the world around us. It’s about shifting from a reactive state, where life seems to happen to us, into a proactive stance, where we consciously choose our responses and shape our own experiences. In this episode, Dr Susan discusses: the very foundations of what it means to initiate a mindset reset what does a mindset really mean? why is it so crucial to our growth and happiness?


Is Stress Hurting Your Thyroid?

Research reveals that chronic stress, a seemingly ubiquitous companion in our fast-paced lives, plays a pivotal role in disrupting thyroid hormone balance. The findings suggest that the relentless pressures of modern life could be silently sabotaging thyroid health, contributing to a range of disorders that affect millions globally. In today’s episode,  Dr Taylor discusses: Strategies for managing stress Nutritional tips to support thyroid health Latest insights in mitigating the impact of stress


Is Sugar Getting You Down?

Our relationship with sugar goes beyond the taste buds. When we indulge in sugary treats, our brain releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, often associated with pleasure and mood elevation. This immediate surge in feel-good chemicals can create a temporary sense of joy and happiness. Join us for insights on: The fascinating interplay of sugar with our body and mind How sugar might exacerbate anxiety and depression Practical strategies for achieving and maintaining a balanced sugar intake


Does Your Brain Need A Hit Of Happiness?

In our modern world, where stress and uncertainty seem to be the norm, the pursuit of happiness has become a universal quest that transcends cultural boundaries and spans all living beings.  But have you ever wondered why we’re wired to seek happiness? Is it hardwired into our brains, compelling us to pursue it in various aspects of our lives? In this episode, Susan discusses: the science behind happiness, the brain’s natural mood-enhancing substances and how to boost these neurochemicals new perspectives on creating happiness


Detox Depression: A Holistic View

We’re more connected than ever before, with technology and screens around us, yet we’ve never felt more alone. It’s like there’s a paradox at play here. And unfortunately, there’s a hidden crisis that’s quietly spreading among us: a condition that affects more than 264 million people of all ages. Today’s episode is inspired by a holistic perspective discussing: origins of depression three types of depression holistic strategies


Fog to Focus: Reset Your Gut

In our fast-paced modern world, many individuals find themselves grappling with a phenomenon known as “brain fog.” It is an often-frustrating cognitive state characterized by difficulty concentrating, mental sluggishness, memory lapses, and a general sense of mental fatigue. In todays episode, we will explore the scientific background of the gut in clearing the fog and improving mental clarity. Topics Include: Gut brain communication- what science tells us The 3 step Protocol – a practical practice Cleansing your gut Nourishing your gut Lifestyle factors


Anxiously Inflamed: Breaking the Cycle

Have you ever wondered why anxiety seems to have such a profound impact on our well-being? Why do those persistent worries and fears not only affect our minds but also take a toll on our bodies? In today’s episode , Dr Taylor delves into this fascinating relationship of the anxiety and inflammation cycle.  Topics include: Chronic inflammation creates anxiety. Anxiety is a mind/body imbalance. Solutions to breaking the anxiety-inflammation cycle


Are You In The Meditative Shift?

Is it time to rekindle our understanding, to reclaim our connection with nature, and embark on a transformative journey towards reawakening our vital selves and rediscovering our true purpose? Back from Sabbatical, Susan Taylor introduces the meditative shift and the need for each of us to attend to inner self care and make informed choices about our health.

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