Build Your Foundation for Vitality

Build Your Foundation for Vitality

We live in a nation with absolute abundance yet we suffer from diseases of depletion. We spend billions of dollars trying to stay healthy and happy but somehow we are falling short. What is causing this reality?

Today I would like to discuss a topic that is close to my heart-vitality. I have spent decades studying this from all aspects because to be vital means that we have the energy and resources to live a life of prosperity and freedom. Everyone wants vitality but do we really know the framework that supports having a vital life? Let’s begin with the foundation for vitality and give some practical solutions for you to get started.

As a pioneer in the field of what I term, nutritional energetics, we devitalize our mind, body and spirit from lack of nourishment. When I use the- phrase of nourishment, I am speaking about lack of nourishment from our eating habits and the poor foods we choose even though we think that they are optimal. We also nourish ourselves with how we think and behave on a daily basis. As humans we eat anything from fresh foods to synthetic compounds; not paying attention to the subtle vibration that these foods and our habits have on our mind as well as our body. We also entertain our minds with activities that deactivate our vital energy and over time diminish the storage reserves. Remember the body and mind are one, so what goes on with one will ripple its effect on the other. Let’s talk and look at some foundation principles with regard to vital energy.

When looking at the 3 components to building a foundation for vital energy, we should look at the nature of energy. Energy needs to be contained other wise it gets lost. Once energy is contained, it needs enough space to move. You never see water flowing freely if there is a dam in the river. If you want the energy to be utilized it must be focused. Focus is the key to life and the key to vitality. Let’s take a look at these fundamental principles of energy and how they can work in your day to day life.

Energy Needs to be Contained

We all know that if we feel tired and run down our energy is depleted.  What causes energy depletion is having more output than input. But that is not that simple to identify by just looking at what we eat.  We leak our energy from stress, thinking too much, worrying, anger, irritation, fear and any emotion that causes our mind to go astray perhaps feeling threatened.  If we continue to leak energy and not  seal the leaks, we will keep wasting our energy until we are depleted and become out of balance.  Once out of balance, we are open to discomfort and disease.  

So the first practice for us to get started is to identify what is draining our energy.    As we discussed on our last podcast, preventing burnout requires that we identify the problem then repair what we damaged.    If you keep a journal, start to record when you feel great and perhaps when you feel drained. Over time, you will begin to notice a pattern that repeats itself and the habits that drain you will reveal themselves.

Energy Needs to be Focused

When we focus our energy we build a reserve of energy.  Only with positive habits going in the direction of health and wellness do we start to build our reserves.  Having a healthy brain is the root of being focused. When we focus our energy our vital energy reserves become concentrated and life sustaining.  What and how we feed our brain by way of food, nutrients and activities determine how fast we can build our reserve and how strong our reserve will become.  Focus creates happiness.  A study done by Killingworth of Harvard University in 2010, researched the happiness quotient on those that report they allow their mind to wander demonstrates that mind wandering leads to unhappiness.  And focus leads to happiness.    Killingworth 2010  Harvard University

Thinking about something else and is correlated with unhappiness.

Energy Needs to be Circulated

Vibration is the key to life and vibration implies the movement of energy.  Our vitality quotient is determined by not only how well we flow through life; but how well our human organism maintains flow.  If we look at heart disease being the number one killer, it tells us that somewhere we stopped the flow.  The heart is literally our seat of feelings and where our emotions percolate.  You have heard many say open your heart, love, have compassion, but that is not that easy if we are storing sadness from the past or worries of the future.  Working with the first two principles is needed to be understood and embraced as we begin to get the flow back in our life.  Keep in mind energy needs space to move; stagnant energy creates disease.  To have flow in life, we need to create space, in other words we need to let go of the happenings and feelings that cause  obstructed flow of energy.  We practice this by by following cleansing principles for both the body and the mind.  Working with cleansing practices coupled with a nourishing diet, we see progress.  

A Practical Approach to Getting and Keeping your Vitality.

  1. Remain Calm. Consciously Aware Living in the Moment. In essence, when you are aware you are able to assess your situation. Find where you leak your energy.
  2. Build a reserve of energy. You can do this by having one to two freshly prepared meals per day. The body needs nutrients to be nourished. Freshly prepared food holds the vitality of the molecules that you are ingesting. When food is stale and dead, it does not supply vitality to the cells.
  3. Maintain your flow by practicing letting go of what you don’t need and what is not supporting your best intentions. Incorporate meditation into your life and you will see the changes very soon. Meditation is the best medicine when combined with a meditative lifestyle of good food, family and friends.
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