Detox Your Mind: Ways to Restore A Healthy Mind

Are You Being Dragged Around by Worrisome Thinking?
Are You Carrying Around Undigested Experiences? Does Your Mind Need A Detox?

Today’s topic seems to be one of the best selling retreats and I think the reason why is that we have so much worry and stress due to the current climate of our world.

At almost every moment of our lives, we are thinking and making decisions. Some of our thinking is spontaneous to satisfy an immediate sensory desire which more often that not leaves us in an uncomfortable situation down the line. Other thoughts, although not immediately gratifying, lead to a feeling positive supporting strength and vitality.

What Is A Healthy State of Mind?

When we define a healthy state of mind, we think of a mind which is positive, creative, balanced, and one that looks at the long term consequences of any action. A mind that is reflective able to respond instead of reacting. A mind that thinks from the universal mind field and not the individual ego.

We all seek to have a joyful or clean mind is one that is creative and balanced with the desire to promote goodness in the world. In Sanskrit the term that applies to a clear, creative and pure mind is sattva, a word that is often translated as purity.

On the other hand, Impurity in the mind can exist and does indeed exist. Impurities in the mind, that I will get to in a moment, create undigested mental residues or mental toxicities what is called in sanskrit Ama.

Specifically, what causes mental toxic buildup?

  • Negative emotions such as anger, fear, greed, resentment, and guilt. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known that these negative emotions create organ toxicity and over time produce an array of disease states.
  • Psychological stresses including family problems, poor working conditions, loss of money or employment, divorce death in the family and media. We are aware that stress is at the root of many disease states including heart disease, obesity, anxiety and many immune and digestive disorders. This is of no surprise.
  • An unhealthy home or setting. Surrounding that are detrimental to your physical and emotional health whether it be a toxic garden area of contaminants or toxic and spoiled nutrition.
  • Unhealthy relationships. For example, contact with other people’s negativity. Negativity breeds disease for sure and many don’t think that they are negative because it is so natural to them to complain and gossip. Just be aware that this vibration is not healthy and will saturate your mind very quickly.
  • Exposure to violent, crude, or shocking experiences in life or in the media. Our social media for sure sends shocking flashes creating a sensory overload not able to be digested very easily. Be aware of what you watch and hear through computers and other technology that enters our personal space uninvited.

Now that we see what situations may create undigested mental material, we can turn to ways to detox from this and reduce our toxic load.

Ways to Detox and Restore a Healthy Mind
Here are some recommendations that may serve to nourish a healthy mind.

  1. Community meditation practice
  2. Spend some time in silence everyday. Practice daily meditation.
  3. Spend time outside in nature.
  4. Be pleasant and tolerant towards everyone.
  5. Refrain from anger or criticism, even when you feel justified.
  6. Take time everyday for play, relaxation, and good company.
  7. Eat light, natural foods.
  8. Be generous with others.

Following these principles will allow your system to metabolize the remains of previously undigested experiences. Your attitude will become one of easiness and compassion, without a sense of strain or rigidity. Within a short time, you will begin to notice an increased sense of lightness in mind and body along with more energy and natural enthusiasm for life.

As I always say, “Do Your Research and see what works for you”.

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