The Healing Force

In the heart of every human being is the desire to live with vitality and purpose, the fundamental requirement for being whole, healthy and full of life.

Today, we are facing a planetary imbalance, a healing crisis where vitality and purpose are met with  anxiety, fatigue and distraction. We have lost some perspective on the organization of nature and the healing force because of our externally driven ways.

The healing force is our life force. It is innate in each one of us. Given to us and all organisms.  All ancient and spiritual traditions have identified this force giving it different names.  In China, it is called Chi, In Japan, Qi, in Yoga Science Pran or some say Prana.  This life force is all pervading and is available to us when we train our awareness to recognize it, and use our ability to focus to use it.

To heal literally means to make whole and is derived from the same root as to be holy.   The healing force is present within us and around us and therefore we are alive.   The healing force is present within us and around us and therefore we are alive.  If we turn to science, namely physics,  we find “force”  defined as:

  1. physical power or strength that a living organism possesses
  2. strength or power exerted upon an object;
  3. strength; energy; power; intensity

These definitions serve to define the healing force.  The force innate in all of us that has the strength and power to change the health and vitality of our physical, emotional and mental existence.  A force that that has the capacity to heal, nourish and transform our entire being.

Life in world and the healing force go hand in hand.  We know little about the health implications of this force and how to access and use  it.  We only come to recognize that something may indeed exist when illness takes hold and we lose our vitality and our zest for life.  This relates to when we are in crisis, we are forced to look at “ what is” twice.

Many modern “experts” claim to have discovered something but, in reality, know very little about the science behind our innate ability to heal – the healing force. The impressive technological and scientific discoveries are indeed an accomplishment, but they do not even come close to the knowledge of understanding the underlying healing forces that bring ourselves and  the planet into sustainable balance. Since our planet and our lifes are in crisis now, we can look at “what is” twice and embrace the healing force and create the positive change that is so desperately needed.   Now is the time when we can make this happen.

I believe that each and every one of us has the innate power to heal ourselves and the planet by taking responsibility for our own health, one by one, and sharing this knowledge with our fellow travelers.

A  Yoga Science Perspective

Our body and mind are one.  The body is the physical outward expression of a much subtler energy field of the mind which is held together by the deeper force called the healing force.  It is important to understand deeper dimensions of ourselves and the concept that what appears as a physical manifestation is driven by the subtle dimensions of our healing force. It is only then do we understand the dynamics of healing force  and  in its fullness do we take our life and work to the next level.

Dynamics of  the Healing Force

Dynamics of the healing force can be understood when we know who we are, and what makes our vital energy flow because this healing force impacts our life.  It needs to be understood, there is no beating around the bush and avoiding this if you are to live with full health and vitality.

It is on this basis that the Yoga of Mind Medicine and Healing can be understood.  Yoga Science gives us the science and practices to work with the mind offering the prescription to reclaim our health and vitality and ultimately access the healing force.   It is on this basis, the Yoga Masters have discovered and taught the many techniques utilizing diet, nutrition and meditation to activate the healing force to enhance the quality of our being.

Dimensions of The Healing Force

The healing force operates  at the cellular level and makes all tissues, organs, and bodily systems function properly and in balance.  This is its purpose.

When you are able to bring yourself at will, into a calm tranquil state, at that time there is an amazing thing that happens, your mind becomes tranquil and your brain becomes tranquil, and the healing force starts flowing unimpeded.  As soon as you change your awareness from inward to outward and start checking your email or become compelled to check your phone messages a disruption takes place.  If you are sensitive and aware, you will see the shift in your consciousness and its affect on your body and mind.  So let’s put this into a real life scenario and see what you can do to get started on reclaiming your healing force.

To simplify this concept, let’s say you were just told that your job position for the last 15 years is ending. You receive this information and within an instant your mind reacts with a fearful thought.  At this juncture, a  disruption is happening within your body and mind.  Your healing force becomes disturbed and erratic and anxiety, irritability and an inflammatory process begins.   There is abundant research on the signalling mechanism reaching the brain that takes place causing the cascade of biochemical and psychological changes that occur momentarily.  This process is a natural response when you perceive a threat to some part of your life.   Is there anything that you can do to avoid going out of balance.  It is easy to say all you have to do is change your perception, but that is might not be practical especially if you have not had experience with training your mind and even if you did, most likely you will still be thrown off line.  The good news is that if you catch your mind shifting at early onset, you can flip the switch and get your healing force back online quickly.  

When you flip the switch and put your healing force back on line positive changes occur.

  1. Your mind changes its focus and sends signals to the brain to change its agenda.
  2. The body begins to repair itself.  
  3. The nervous system switches from panic to a relaxed state.
  4. Your body comes back into a balanced state.

There are skills to slow the leakage of our body’s vitality, get the healing force flowing unimpeded,  and redirect your healing potential.  

Here are a few steps to get back online.

  1. Remain Calm. Do not react.  Studies show that when your body and mind are calm that your body has an increased  capacity to remove any debris that you have collected in the environment.  This is especially true for the brain. Your brain detoxes itself when you are calm.
  2. Stop and Shift.   Anytime you feel the urge to react, simply stop and catch hold of that moment,  focus on your breathing. You can do this by watching your inhalation and exhalation at the tip of your nose. 
  3. Focus to Re-boot.  Follow the exhalation and inhalation for at least 3-4 seconds for each.  Maintain this for 3 minutes.REF. Feeling Good Matters, The Yoga of Mind, Medicine and Healing.

The scientific validation for this practice is that when we work with breath we can consciously control the workings of our nervous system.  Whenever our breath is irregular and not smooth we cause jerks and pauses in our healing force.  Over time this causes a decrease in vitality and memory.  The take home message is to train your mind so that it can handle the ups and downs that occur during our life’s journey. And remember the mind and body are one, so eat good food too.


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