5 Tips for Digital Detox

5 Digital Detox Tips

Here are some solutions that I have provided for our community of seekers. If you want to read more visit Digital Detox Blog

  1. Schedule specific times to check email. You have heard this before, but, set the timer.
  2. Set a specific time in the AM that you will turn on devices. I suggest only after meditation practice. You need time to tune up the mind, before you bombard it with external stimuli.
  3. Leave your phone at home when you are going to lunch, dinner or a walk or bike in the park.  One of the saddest sights is when people are walking in the park or having lunch and their face is glued to their smartphone.  Just say NO.
  4. Learn to meditate.  When I say meditate, I don’t mean just sitting down and being mindful of what you are doing or not doing, I mean to get a systematic training so that you sit down, breathe, relax and learn to collect and contain your energy.  Meditation needs to be systematic if you want results.
  5. Take one day per week or a time segment within a day each week and perform a digital detox.  Remove yourself from anything that is digital in sight.  Breathe and take a moment and connect to that which makes you human and connects you to all other life on the planet.  

Follow any if not all of these steps.   You can stay connected to the point you don’t experience FOMO.You’ll still get your text messages, your email, and phone calls, only now you have less incentive to respond right away and more incentive to be with yourself.


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