Remain Calm 3 Tips to Get Started

Remain Calm: 3 Tips to Get Started

    Focus on the breath at  the space at their eyebrow center. I introduced you to what I call “The Lift” in Feeling Good Matters. This works very well when someone is aware that the mind is having a negative dialogue. It prevents the mind’s distraction and disturbance that come from manas or sensory mind.

    Determination; we must have a resolve to want change. With determination comes discipline – the act of following through on what we want to accomplish within our capacity.

   Discrimination; that will enable us to detach from the associations that disturb us. That doesn’t translate as being dispassionate, rather it means to have the discriminatory capacity to differentiate between what’s real and not.  

    Self-confidence and dynamic energy that we acquire from our practices help to fuel the fire of trust. Trust comes from recognizing that we’re in control of our own being – not others. When we learn to focus our attention by lifting ourselves above the situation, we gain trust.

As we continue to be drawn outward, you must be skillful if you are going to maintain your health.   My advice is to pay attention to what you are doing and do not take your human life for granted.  Be aware and train your mind to stay focused.

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