Awareness is the Key to Remaining CALM

As I mention in my book, Feeling Good Matters: The Yoga of Mind, Medicine, and Healing, to Remain CALM (Consciously Aware of Living in the Moment) gives us the opportunity to recognize what motivates our responses to certain circumstances and people and not to others.  When we become aware of our feelings and thoughts we have the opportunity to literally remain calm even in the most tumultuous environments.  

Awareness is the key here and we know that awareness is the key to maintaining balance and to heal means to make whole, in other words, bring ourselves back into balance. Awareness allows us to gain access to the inner core of our being. It helps us untie those knots that bind our heart and keep us in a disheartened state. By bringing mindfulness into focus, we gain access to the light that dwells deep within – pure awareness. All of this can happen only when we truly remain calm.

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