The Meditative Shift Podcast with Susan Taylor, PHD

Doctor Susan Taylor hosts the Meditative Shift Podcast – Author of Return to Radiance, Feeling Good Matters, and the Vital Energy Reset. Susan guides us as we navigate ancient wisdom and modern science across the topics of mind, medicine, and holistic health.

Self Transformation: The Secret of Yoga Science

What does Yoga science mean to you?  When people talk about Yoga they often think it has something to do with the physical being only. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: What is Yoga Science? How it relates to healing and self-transformation How to practice the teachings


10 Solutions to Keep Your Mind Clear of Clutter

Think of your mind as your most precious real estate. Would you ever rent out a room in your house without being compensated? No. Right? But we do that all the time when we let our negative thinking clutter our space. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: What does it mean to have a clean mind? What causes toxic mental buildup? Ways to restore a healthy worry free mind mind


Do Your Habits Support An Unshakable Mind?

No matter who or what exerts dominance over our bodies, our food, or our freedoms, we are in charge of what matters most: our mind. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: why we need a strong and resilient mind  two components necessary for training the mind 6 lifestyle habits to stay unshakable


Is Meditation Right for You?

How to approach meditation is sometimes of concern since there are many different traditions out there — some legitimate and some not so legitimate. In todays episode, Susan talks about: why meditation may be beneficial? what is meditation? how to approach and practice it?


Meditate and Return To Radiance

Meditation is a process of purifying the mind and making it one-pointed, inward, and tranquil. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Meditation as a practice 4 points to consider when meditating Suggestions to refine a practice


How To Remain Calm When The World Is In Turbulence

One of the most valuable life skills is the ability to live in this world and not be affected by it. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: How do we live in the world without getting disturbed? Using the hidden tool of breath Why meditation is essential


7 Codes to Reprogram Your Thinking

Are we completely at the mercy of our mind? Yes we are. Because the energy of our mind is the essence of our life. In Today’s episode, Susan discusses: How our mind gets programmed What we can do about it 7 codes to reprogram thinking patterns


Is Your Nervous System A Bit Shaky?

Our nervous system dictates our emotional and physical health. Through correct breathing we become unshakable even in turbulent conditions. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: How to build a stable and strong nervous system How breathing affects your nervous system 2 practices to get started


Can You Counteract Negative Thinking with Meditation?

The lens through which you view the world is predominantly determined by your feelings and thoughts. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Creating a new positive habit of thinking 6 common causes that spark negativity How to bring the mind back to optimism


Does Your Lifestyle Support Resilience?

Everyone wants to be vital; but sometimes our diet and lifestyle needs to be adjusted to support resilience. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Acquired resilience The link between vitality and resilience 7 lifestyle habits to stay vital

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