The Meditative Shift Podcast with Susan Taylor, PHD

Doctor Susan Taylor hosts the Meditative Shift Podcast – Author of Return to Radiance, Feeling Good Matters, and the Vital Energy Reset. Susan guides us as we navigate ancient wisdom and modern science across the topics of mind, medicine, and holistic health.

Venturing Out: 4 Essentials to Support Energy

Most Americans feel worn out and exhausted—a feeling that has increased since the pandemic started. As summer approaches, we are inspired to venture out with energy to live our full potential. In today’s episode, Dr Taylor discusses: Diet and gut health Herbs and supplements Supporting emotional and mental health


Psychological Immunity: How To Get It and Keep It!

People look for safety. The will to survive is hardwired in every living being. In today’s episode, Dr Taylor discusses: Why our mind needs protection 5 elements of psychological immunity 5 suggestions to support a meditative mind


Tired and Exhausted? 6 Secret Energy Thieves

Did you ever wonder what robs us of our energy—new challenges that may be stressful, poor diet and nutrition, anxious thoughts, or perhaps decision fatigue? In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: The increase occurrence of exhaustion Energy dynamics 6 common energy thieves


Heal Faster: 5 Steps to Get Started

Healing requires that we bring our organism back into balance. In today’s episode, Dr Susan discusses: The dynamics of health and the dynamics of disease Is there something to learn from illness? 5 Steps to heal faster


Is Your Psychological Immunity Strong? 3 Practices for Support

The current surge of technology particularly during restrictive gatherings, challenges our physical and psychological immunity. Many are experiencing emotional vulnerability and over reactiveness, not necessarily from our interaction with others, but with our own rumination of thoughts. In today’s episode, Susan talks about: What is psychological immunity 5 mental pathogens to stay clear from How to measure your psychological immunity


Do You Have Confidence in Your Immune System? 9 Strategies to Get Started

How confident are we to handle stress, conflict, or any difficulty for that matter? Do we have trust in ourselves to maintain our physical and psychological immunity? In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor talks about: The benefit of being positive 4 characteristics of being confident 9 strategies to build physical and psychological immunity


Hardwire Your Brain for Confidence and Happiness

Did you know that your brain can change and this change is measurable? It takes about 40 days to rewire your brain for confidence and success. In today’s episode, Susan discusses: Rewiring your brain The essence of meditation Meditation as a practice


6 Essential Foods for Good Moods

Do you know that the food you eat can have just as profound an effect on your brain and your happiness quotient as the drugs prescribed by your health practitioner? In today’s episode, Dr Susan discusses: Linking the gut and brain The nutrients necessary to make brain neurotransmitters 6 Foods that are essential for a happy brain


Get Back Your Go: From Separation to Connection

How do we heal when we have lost our inspiration to create and live with positivity and fullness? Deep down within our core we do indeed know that being in nature might be a solution. In today’s episode, Dr Susan discusses: How nature heals our mind and body How we disconnected from our own nature Tips to get back our go to live with positivity and fullness


Vitality Revealed! 5 Skills to Support Positive Energy

You are aware and understand very simply that everything that happens in your mind has a physical representation in your brain and everything that happens in your brain correlates with what happens in your body. In today’s episode, Dr Susan discusses: How our mind and body interrelate How to begin to make a change The 5 essential components to live with positive energy

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