The Meditative Shift Podcast with Susan Taylor, PHD

Doctor Susan Taylor hosts the Meditative Shift Podcast – Author of Return to Radiance, Feeling Good Matters, and the Vital Energy Reset. Susan guides us as we navigate ancient wisdom and modern science across the topics of mind, medicine, and holistic health.

Do You Need A Mind Edit? Meditation May Be The Answer.

Many people beginning meditation want to feel better.  They expect meditation to act as a quick fix; but find that it has some challenges. In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: Meditation trains our mind to be positive How much meditation is enough Tips on how to meditate


Can What You Eat Have Emotional Consequences? 5 Tips to Get Back in Balance

The world health organization estimates that by 2032, anxiety and depression will be the number one health issue on the planet. And during this time of the pandemic; it’s likely that that might be the case already. In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: The gut brain connection and mood How foods affect how you feel 5 dietary guidelines to bring back balance


What Happens to Your Brain During Meditation?

Early research has found that meditation can change the workings of the brain. In today’s episode, Susan discusses how meditation: Rewires your brain Increases your brain’s gray matter Protects your DNA


Is Meditation Really Beneficial?

It has been said that with the practice of meditation you can gain a healthier mind by expanding your awareness around stress, developing focus and self-confidence, and fostering positive emotions. In today’s episode Susan discusses: 8 ways meditation can help with illness 6 reasons to meditate Do the benefits outweigh the effort


How To Thrive In A Troubled World

Do you know that courage is the best antivirus? In this episode, Susan discusses: Three components needed to thrive How meditation helps to overcome fear Why courage is our antivirus


Feel Out Of Control? Catch Your Breath.

Our life is fully dependent on breath. When breath ceases we die. When we say catch your breath, we are really saying it because you have lost control. In todays episode, Susan discusses: The mind body connection Why is it important to take control of your breath Two practices to get back control


Can The Way You Breathe Turn Off Anxious Thoughts?

It may be hard to believe, but 9 out of 10 adults breathe incorrectly, thereby impairing their health and exacerbating anxiety and depression. Fortunately, we can relearn how to breath and do it correctly. In todays episode, Susan discusses: Why breathing affects anxiety Proper breathing technique to reduce anxiety Anxiety proofing your head space


Nourish Your Whole Being

Food is our source of nourishment; therefore, what we eat has a tremendous impact on how we feel and think.    In today’s episode, Dr Taylor discusses:  The importance of nourishment  Nutritional energetics and quality of food The link between mind and body


Overcome Fatigue and Worry – Steps to Nourish Your Mind

Our energy is constantly being drained without even knowing what is happening.  We hear of solutions and quick fixes; but they don’t work.   In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor discusses: The mind’s energetic tendencies Why focus is important Steps to bring your energy back home


Transform Your Thoughts with Meditation

Can we control our thoughts?  They seem to just flood the mind without evening knowing what is happening.  One thought builds into an entire story. In today’s episode, Dr Taylor discusses: How to bring the mind back home Breath awareness practice Starting and refining a meditation practice

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