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I believe that human beings have power to change the world, they already have the vital intelligence to do this. This vital intelligence is unique to each one of us. In many cases we have forgotten that it exists and lost our focus to access this. At any time we can choose to acknowledge, nourish, and experience the benefits of this innate force. We are in a global wellness crisis right now which creates a tremendous opportunity for change.

My message for all people is to be the healing force of positive change where we provide a green, healthy and nourished planet for our children and their children to come.

In service,
Susan Taylor, PhD

Susan Taylor, PhD

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Foundations For A Mindset Reset

A mindset reset isn’t just about changing how we think on a superficial level; it’s about transforming how we perceive and interact with the world around us. It’s about shifting from a reactive state, where life seems to happen to us, into a proactive stance, where we consciously choose our responses and shape our own […]

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Are You Being Dragged Around by Worrisome Thinking? Are You Carrying Around Undigested Experiences? Does Your Mind Need A Detox? Today’s topic seems to be one of the best selling retreats and I think the reason why is that we have so much worry and stress due to the current climate of our world. At […]

It’s time to do something about feeling just not up to par, because chances are you’re dealing with it. (Or will at some point of your life.) Many  person can experience fatigue and exhaustion at a particularly stressful point in his or her life.  Our ability to adapt to stress is more often termed “resilience“.   […]

When we are resilient we are established in being.   What does this mean to you? When you become established in being—that is to be aware of who you are, you know your life’s purpose and have the inner skills to activate your own positive forces  you can use this force to take action and turn […]

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